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Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP) in Singapore Essay Sample

Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP) In Singapore Essay Sample 

This essay sample Singapore students will learn the overview on what CDMP entails, what is its principle, and their goals for Singaporeans, the Top 3 chronic diseases in Singapore, Medisave chronic disease scheme for Singaporeans, What is the chronic disease Self-management Program in Singapore, and these models for Singapore patients,  etc.

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Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP) in Singapore can be a great way to help students manage chronic diseases. Students are able to get custom-made essays according to their school, college needs if they want more information or download this essay sample!

Introduction- Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP) in Singapore Essay 

Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP) essay is an important program that has been introduced by the Ministry of Health to manage chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Chronic diseases are very common in Singapore and one of the main reasons for mortality among adults aged 45 years or older.

Main body- Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP) in Singapore Essay 

What is chronic disease management?

Chronic disease management is the process of controlling, reducing, or eliminating conditions like diabetes and asthma.

Singaporean with chronic diseases that require daily treatment often need to make lifestyle changes as well as take medications on a regular basis in order to control them. The goal of chronic disease management is aggressive control of symptoms and prevention of serious consequences over time hopefully resulting in being able (or allowed) to keep “living life” without restrictions.

Effective strategies can include specific dietary change when necessary; exercise interventions for weight management or aerobic conditioning; smoking cessation; medication compliance within limits set by your doctor; self-monitoring and early treatment when needed for problems like high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes and general healthy living practices between visits with your doctor.

Principles of chronic disease management

The principles of chronic disease management in Singapore are to act early, address the underlying health issues and then support those changes. Chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, can progress over time if not properly managed. It is important to track any new symptoms or worsening of symptoms- by following a plan for living well with your chronic condition(s).

Chronic diseases have both short-term and long-term risks. For instance, Singaporean with diabetes can experience serious complications that may lead to kidney failure, blindness, amputation, or even death if they do not manage their condition. Management plans should incorporate strategies to help stabilize blood sugar levels and decrease your risk for complications.

Goals of chronic disease management for Singaporeans

The goals of chronic disease management vary and depend on the specific health concern. Specifics will depend on whether the goal is to manage pain or manage risk for future healthcare cost, prevention of death.

To increase focus on diabetes and hypertension; to decrease rates of obesity as well as tobacco smoking, especially in groups with low current smoking rates such as kids; to eliminate disparities; and finally, promote safe healthy environments in Singapore.

How many psychiatric chronic conditions are under the chronic disease management program presently in Singapore?

Psychiatric chronic conditions are under the chronic disease management program in Singapore. The project is in collaboration with the National Academy of Sciences but deficient in participation from smallholder farmers, poor urban dwellers, and those living with HIV/AIDS.

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The program was originally designed to empower groups that live on less than $2 or less per day by improving food and nutrition security among households. This would lead to better mental health outcomes as people have more access to nutritious foods, which provide more nutrients needed for healthy development. Low levels of these nutrients can cause or worsen depression which could contribute to mental illness.

Top 3 chronic diseases in Singapore

The top 3 chronic diseases are heart disease, cancer, and diabetes in Singapore.

Heart disease and diabetes both steal lives due to the difficulty of managing the symptoms and discomfort. Cancer’s association In Singapore with mortality is caused by its invasiveness things like loss of overall health from treatment or a relapse mean that you may not be able to recover your old routine as you did before.

Diabetes has a lower risk for mortality but it exponentially increases your risk for other chronic diseases such as lung cancer, hypertension, heart disease, or stroke because it affects the entire body’s ability to function normally.

Chronic disease management guidelines for Singaporeans

The chronic disease management guidelines present an effective framework for the coordinated care of Singaporeans with a high risk for major chronic conditions such as diabetes and coronary heart disease.

They take into consideration a broad range of factors, including individual characteristics, preferences, and values, social environment (both at home and in wider society), available resources (human and non-human), etc. The guidelines value the diversity of approaches to good health which are possible within this broad framework.

Finally, they see prevention as playing an important part in reducing personal risks to develop chronic diseases such as diabetes or coronary heart disease. They encourage individuals to be more aware of identifying those who may be at risk so that early action can be taken before it is too late.

Medisave chronic disease scheme for Singaporean

The Medisave chronic diseases scheme (MCD) was introduced in 2003 to provide financial protection for Singaporeans who develop degenerative and long-term illnesses.

This is a catastrophic insurance scheme that provides coverage against high chronic care expenditures arising from debilitating long-term illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes mellitus.

The benefits the MCCS covers include co-payments, hospitalization expenses, physiotherapy charges, etc. These are borne by both the patient and Medisave Co-payment. MediShield Life broadly assists with these co-payments where possible.

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What is the chronic disease Self-management Program in Singapore?

The chronic disease Self-management Program in Singapore is a program for patients with diabetes mellitus who are not on insulin or taking oral hypoglycemic agents. Patients are educated on the roles of normal lab values and the benefits of following a low carbohydrate, 12-15grams/day diet.

This is to prevent weight loss while allowing time for “laboratory correction” by restoring natural pancreatic insulin secretion. The program will also include specific instructions on how to monitor blood sugar in preparation for changes in carbohydrate intake.

Five main models of chronic disease self-management for Singapore patients

The five main models of chronic disease self-management are the coping model, social support mobilization model, individual and environmental change modeling, a psychosocial intervention program for Singapore patients with diabetes (PIAP), and problem solving. These models attempt to identify and address the causes of chronic diseases rather than just providing information about how to manage them.

Coping Model: In this model individuals with a chronic disease are taught skills that enable then to better cope with their illness and its effects on their lives. This can include both healthy methods such as problem-solving in daily life and unhealthy ones such as developing addictions or becoming increasingly socially withdrawn.

Social Support Mobilization Model: This model recognizes that all types of chronic illnesses generate debilitating stress far beyond the individual and consequently family or work. The model views the chronic illness as a catalyst for change in society whereby individuals, families and communities come together to identify resources that can alleviate their stressors.

Individual and Environmental Change Model: This is based on the assumption that problems such as poor nutrition or lack of exercise are often linked with socioeconomic circumstances which are hard to modify but there may be other factors within an environment (e.g., availability of food) that could be modified .

Psychosocial Intervention Program for Patients with Diabetes (PIAP): PIAP program in Singapore assumes it is possible to improve diabetes management by providing education about diet control, physical activity, insulin dose adjustment, etc; teaching problem-solving skills regarding daily life stresses affecting health; discussing emotional stress, and educating patients about the nature of diabetes in order to reduce fear.


We hope that you will take the time to think about how this program could help improve your quality of life and, in turn, contribute to a better Singapore. It is our responsibility as citizens to support programs like CDMP so we can all enjoy a healthier future together.

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