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CET 501 Child Development and Early Childhood Curriculum: Shifts in Research and Practice Sample Assessment

CET 501 Child Development and Early Childhood Curriculum: Shifts in Research and Practice Sample Assessment

CET501 Child Development and Early Childhood Curriculum: Shifts in Research and Practice presents an outline of the manner in which child improvement research and additional cutting-edge viewpoints on brain improvement have incited changes in early stages curriculum and teaching method around the area and in Singapore.

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This ability needs to give members information on ways “palatable” in early childhood care and training is continually portrayed in various ways to deal with meet exceptional obligation needs. CET501 should serve the cravings of individuals who are running on guidelines, projects or undertakings bearing on improving the existences of more youthful adolescents and their families.

Assignment answers of Child Development and Early Childhood Curriculum: Shifts in Research and Practice (CET 501)

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Moving on, we shall be looking at the learning outcomes of this course in this section. These are quite an important part of this course. Thus, without further adieu, these are, as mentioned below:

1. Describe the child development findings and ways in which they can affect curricular and pedagogical approaches

Child development is quite a complex field. this, the major findings of the same can affect the curricular and pedagogical approaches on various levels. Therefore, students learn just the same. In addition, they learn are introduced to the different ways in which these findings can influence curricular and pedagogical approaches.

2. What is the Contrast between child development and cultural assumptions?

This is another important learning outcome of this course. For there are different child development as well as cultural assumptions. Both of these concerns the national early childhood curriculum frameworks. So students learn to Contrast child development and cultural assumptions underlying national early childhood curriculum frameworks

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3. Discuss the complexity of child development in the first 1000 days

We understand that child development is quite complex. In addition to this, the first 1000 days or nearly 3 years are the most crucial part of the same. Thus, understanding this is quite important. Therefore, students learn to examine the complexity of child development in the first 1000 days.

4. How can you create a series of play-based learning?

We have discussed the importance of play-based learning on many occasions. thus, we can say that it is also an important part of this concept. For that reason, students are taught how to create a series of play-based learning experiences. These are based on the information from contemporary views on child development.

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