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CDO261 AI in Daily Life Assignment SUSS Sample Singapore

The course aims to enhance students’ awareness of AI and sensitivity towards its applications in everyday life. It covers how this technology impacts our daily routine activities such as online shopping, banking or transportation while also highlighting solutions that can be created with the help from enabling technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). Alongside these topics are discussions on what we should do when there is an issue caused by conventional means – for example natural disasters like fires which often result due accidents at factories producing goods requiring high temperatures necessary for their production.

In order to enable students to have a better understanding of how AI is developed and its impact on businesses, the course will also look at the different types of data that businesses need in order to make decisions. This will include an introduction to big data and analytics, which is essential for making use of AI. In addition, it will also look at the role of data scientists – professionals who are often bridge-builders between AI and businesses.

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Assignment Brief 1: Describe the impact and use of AI in daily life

AI is impacting daily life in two major ways. Firstly, there are AI-powered assistants that run on or across various platforms. Examples include Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana and Siri. While they were around before the invention of chatbots due to their use as voice commands for devices like phones and music players, these contemporary AIs represent a shift towards natural language processing coupled with machine learning abilities that enable them to not only learn about the habits of individual users but also give customized responses based on who they interact with.

Secondly, AI has tremendously impacted modern business operations largely because it has enabled companies to utilize big data sets – both stored data sets and new types collected by IoT systems – more effectively than human-driven analysis ever could due to the use of machine learning and neural networks. For instance, companies like Twitter and Google have applied AI to identify trending topics in near real-time as well as improve ad targeting and content recommendations across platforms.

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The use of artificial intelligence in daily life is vast and continues to grow – it is already beginning to be applied in our most mundane practices, such as sorting and classifying email or labelling photos. Other pursuits, such as self-driving cars, robots that mimic natural emotions and investigate nuclear safety will depend on AI for their subsequent successes. We are only beginning to see the potential for artificial intelligence in our lives and it will be interesting to see where it takes us in the years to come.

Assignment Brief 2: Identify daily management issues that AI may resolve.

There are several issues that artificial intelligence may be able to help with on a daily basis, including: 

  1. Traffic congestion and routing: By analyzing traffic data, AI could help optimize traffic flow and reduce congestion. 
  2. Time management: AI could help individuals better manage their time by providing recommendations for schedules and tasks. 
  3. Financial planning: AI could help create budgets, track expenses, and recommend investments. 
  4. Health management: AI could help keep track of health data, provide diet and exercise recommendations, and monitor vital signs.
  5. Home maintenance: AI could help schedule and track home repairs, recommend products, and provide instructions for use.
  6. Security: AI could help monitor security footage, provide real-time alerts, and recommend responses to threats.
  7. Education: AI could help students learn more effectively by providing personalized instruction and recommendations.
  8. Travel: AI could help plan itineraries, recommend restaurants and activities, and provide translations.

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AI has the potential to make our lives easier in many ways, and it is likely that this list will only continue to grow as the technology develops. With the help of AI, we can focus on the things that matter most to us and leave the rest to the robots.

Assignment Brief 3: Illustrate the use of AI in a particular business domain.

One sector that is predicted to see increased interaction with AI businesses soon is healthcare.

The human body shares many similarities with computers, which means that developing algorithms and artificial neural networks will simplify the process of diagnosing disease. This will hopefully translate into more reliable, accurate diagnoses for physicians and patients alike- reducing complications associated with incomplete/incorrect diagnoses in the future. The goal of using this type of technology in both diagnosis, as well as personalized care plans based on an individual’s current health should be to improve access to quality healthcare for individuals who may not receive sufficient treatment otherwise due to income or other circumstances thwarting their ability to get medical help sooner. For example, by introducing these types of AI business methods into clinical settings like hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices, people will be able to go about their day-to-day lives without worrying about affording the care they need to live long, healthy lives.

Assignment Brief 4: Present simple AI solutions to improve processes and performances.

AI solutions can help improve processes and performances in a number of ways. For example, they can help to optimize resources and improve decision-making. Additionally, they can help identify and prevent errors, and even predict problems before they occur.

Overall, AI solutions have the potential to make significant improvements in organizational efficiency and performance. By automating tasks, optimizing resources, and providing insights into how best to proceed with various tasks or processes, AI can play a major role in improving organizational outcomes.

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Assignment Brief 5: Discuss ethical issues related to AI.

There are a number of ethical issues related to AI. Some of these include the following:

  • Whether or not it is morally acceptable to create machines that can think for themselves and potentially outstrip human intelligence.
  • The potential for misuse and abuse of AI technology, especially in the hands of those with malicious intent.
  • How we should treat artificially intelligent beings, and whether or not they should be accorded the same rights as humans.
  • The impact of AI on employment and human livelihoods.
  • The impact of AI on human societies and the environment.

Each of these issues is complex and worthy of further discussion. However, it is clear that AI presents a number of ethical challenges that we need to address as a society. We must ensure that we use this technology responsibly and in ways that are beneficial to humanity as a whole.

Assignment Brief 6: Explain the pros and cons of AI in light of the ethical challenges.

The pros of AI in light of the ethical challenges are that it can provide humans with tremendous advantages and opportunities, including increased efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. Additionally, AI has the potential to facilitate great leaps forward in innovation and discovery.  As AI continues to evolve, its capabilities will only increase, which could lead to a number of remarkable advances in various fields.

For example, AI has already been used to diagnose diseases with a high degree of accuracy and to develop new drugs. Moreover, AI can help humans become better decision-makers by providing them with insights and recommendations based on large data sets. This is particularly important in light of the fact that humans often struggle to process large amounts of information effectively.

The cons of AI in light of the ethical challenges are primarily those that relate to risk. For example, there is a real concern that as AI gets smarter and more ubiquitous, it will become increasingly difficult for humans to control or understand its actions. Additionally, as AI begins to learn and evolve on its own, there is a heightened risk for malfunction or even malevolent behavior. Such concerns underscore the importance of ensuring that any ethical challenges surrounding the development and use of AI are adequately considered and addressed.

There are also many potential cons associated with the use of AI. One key concern is that as AI becomes more advanced, it could outpace human intelligence in a number of ways, including in terms of creativity and problem solving. Additionally, as AI is used more and more in decision-making processes, there is a risk that its biases could negatively impact humans. For example, if an AI system is being used to evaluate job applicants, it could inadvertently discriminate against certain candidates based on its own biases.

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