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BXL602: Leading Innovation And Change Across Boundaries Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

The BXL602 Leading Innovation And Change Across Boundaries course will provide you with an opportunity to apply what has been learned in the classroom and explore innovation. This is achieved through projects throughout, which give students hands-on experience managing change across boundaries while learning about social justice issues impacting society today. The course culminates in a group project, which challenges students to identify and resolve an actual innovation challenge within their workplace or community. This may include developing a new product or service, improving an existing one, or designing and implementing a process improvement initiative.

Innovation is critical to the success of any organisation in today’s fast-paced, competitive environment. To be successful, organisations must continually adapt and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers and markets. This course provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead innovation and change across organisational boundaries.

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Assignment Brief 1: Justify their leadership stance drawing on different theoretical approaches on leadership

Different theoretical approaches to leadership offer different justifications for why leaders should take particular stances. For example, transformational leadership theory suggests that leaders should focus on inspiring and motivating their followers in order to achieve maximum organisational effectiveness.

This means that leaders should be clear about their vision and ability to articulate it in a way that engages and energises others. Other theories, such as transaction leadership, place emphasis on the leader-follower relationship and suggest that leaders should provide clear direction and maintain good communication with their followers. Still, other theories focus on specific leader behaviours or attributes, such as problem-solving or charisma.

Ultimately, there is no single answer to the question of what makes a good leader; different approaches will offer different insights into how best to lead. However, all theories agree on the importance of leaders being able to justify their actions and decisions to their followers. Leaders who can do this effectively are more likely to gain and maintain the trust and respect of those they lead.

Assignment Brief 2: Examine the influence of social relations across boundaries and their impact on leadership

Social relations across boundaries have a profound impact on leadership. In today’s interconnected world, leaders must increasingly contend with a diversity of stakeholders who may have conflicting interests and perspectives. To be effective, leaders need to develop a deep understanding of the social dynamics at play both within and between different groups.

Effective leadership requires an understanding of human behaviour and social interactions. Leaders must be able to ground their actions in an understanding of how people think, feel, and interact with each other. They need to know what motivates people and how to influence them. They must also be aware of the many unspoken rules that govern social interactions and be able to navigate these effectively.

When dealing with stakeholders who come from different cultures or backgrounds, it is especially important for leaders to be aware of cultural differences and be respectful of different customs and norms. Leaders must be able to build relationships of trust across cultures and lead effectively in a culturally diverse environment.

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Assignment Brief 3: Compare concepts such as expansive learning, relational agency, and leadership

Expansive learning is a term used in education to describe a type of learning that goes beyond the traditional confines of the classroom. It is said to be expansive because it allows for students to connect their learning with their personal and social experiences, as well as with the world around them.

Relational agency is a term used in social work and sociology to describe how people create and negotiate relationships in their lives. It is said to be relational because it focuses on the ways in which people interact with others, rather than on individuals themselves.

Leadership can be described in many ways, but at its core, it is about influencing others towards a common goal. Leaders can come from any walk of life and can have any number of qualities, but all successful leaders share the ability to motivate and inspire others.

Assignment Brief 4: Analyse data related to innovation, change and leadership

There are three primary types of data related to innovation, change and leadership: organisational data, individual data, and external data. Each type of data provides different insights into how innovation, change and leadership occur within organisations. 

Organisational data includes information on the structure, processes and culture of an organisation. It can help to identify bottlenecks and constraints that impede innovation and change. Individual data includes information on people’s attitudes, behaviours and skills. This type of data can help to identify the enablers and levers for innovation and change. External data includes information on environmental factors such as market trends, technological developments and social changes. This type of data can help to identify opportunities for innovation and change. 

Organisational data is typically collected through surveys, interviews and focus groups. Individual data is typically collected through self-report surveys and 360-degree feedback. External data is typically collected through secondary research. 

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Assignment Brief 5: Evaluate tools and processes for developing relational agency across boundaries

There are many tools and processes that can be used to develop relational agency across boundaries. However, not all of them may be right for every situation. When choosing the right tool or process, it is important to consider the specific needs and context of the situation. Some factors to consider include the nature of the relationships involved, the type of boundary being crossed, and the goals of the parties involved. 

One tool that can be used to develop relational agency is mediation. Mediation is a process in which two or more parties meet with a neutral third party to discuss their differences and try to reach an agreement. This process can help parties learn to communicate with each other and understand each other’s perspectives. It can also provide a structure for parties to negotiate agreements. 

Another tool that can be used to develop relational agency is conflict resolution. Conflict resolution is a process in which parties involved in a conflict work together to try to resolve their differences. This process can help parties learn to communicate with each other, understand each other’s perspectives, and find creative solutions to their differences.

Assignment Brief 6: Appraise their leadership stance

Well, it’s difficult to say without knowing more about their specific leadership stance. However, in general, it’s important for leaders to be adaptable and pragmatic, and to make decisions based on the best interests of their team or organization. They should also be able to communicate effectively and build trust among their team members. Lastly, leaders should always strive to maintain a positive attitude and remain calm under pressure.

The leadership stance is admirable because it is straightforward and honest. The company is committed to doing the right thing, even if it means making less money in the short term. This shows that they are principled and have their customers’ best interests at heart. Furthermore, they are transparent about their policies and procedures, which builds trust with their customers. Overall, this company appears to be ethical and reliable, which is why I would recommend them as a good choice for a leader in the industry.

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