Business practices in China Essay Sample

China is one of the most developing countries in the Asian region. The economy is increasing like a giant and taking place in the global world. Still, there are lots of challenges China is fighting with that is the growing population and the inequality. With the history of colonization and slavery, China had put some ground regulations and rules to make the business environment more conducive for business in China.

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Starting Business in China

To start a business in china the business people have to understand the intangible circumstances in the region and the practices of business in China.. It needs due diligence to understand the possibilities of business. The Chinese market is full of opportunities and there is a big consumer base. The electronics hold the local and Chinese market.

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The labor is cheaper than the developed western countries. If any business is entering the Chinese electronic market, it has to be done with a precision of market analysis as it will be one of the most competitive markets. The main strategy to do business with China is to increase the sales volume. And if the business is targeting the Chinese consumer base then there should be well-versed knowledge of their preference and choices.

Even the marketing strategy in China is strong enough and the products penetrate the whole sectors of the economy. The styles of business are disciplined and there are some codes on which they set their strategies.

The price of the products in China is low due to the low production cost but if the outside business companies are targeting to open their base in China they need to keep the prices lower than the Chinese prices. So a lot of research is required to put investments on Chinese soil and start business practices in China.

The culture of China is also very important to understand, the social concepts drive the Chinese market and business environment in China. There is due importance given to the personal connection in the business. The business culture works on trust. There should be clarity in the deals and rules of the business as ambiguity in business is totally avoided. Social status and full information on the business deal is significant for any deal in business. The casual attitude is not respected in business in China

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