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Updated on: 5th Feb 2022

BUS363 Total Quality Management SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

This assignment is about the concepts of total quality management, and how it applies to business. In order to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, businesses must adopt a variety of ways in which they measure and monitor their own performance. This project will explore some common methods used by businesses for measuring product or service quality, as well as providing feedback to employees on their individual work performance.

We provide an overview of the concepts and practices involved in quality management. Our assignment helpers cover topics such as objectives, methods, and results achieved by a company or organization during Quality Management Seminars (QMS). This course is designed for business professionals who want to learn about how to improve their performance as a result of quality assurance activities.

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This assignment is about the introduction to total quality management (TQM). In this paper, we will explore some concepts related to TQM and discuss how it can be applied in a business. After reading this essay, you should be able to:

  • Understand the basic concept of total quality management
  • Define different types of objectives for a product or service
  •  Discuss how audits are used as part of the total quality management process.

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Assignment Activity 1: Demonstrate the use of quality concepts in the workplace.

A workplace is a place where people are supposed to be able to express their ideas, products, and services. In order for the company to achieve its goals, it is important that employees can communicate effectively with other departments and superiors. Quality concepts should be used in all aspects of the business environment so that everyone can work together effectively and efficiently.

Quality concepts are essential to the success of any workplace. They help employees understand and apply their skills in an effective way, which leads to increased productivity and satisfaction. To effectively use quality concepts, primary schools need a clear understanding of them as well as an ability to communicate them clearly and effectively to workers.

One of the most important things a worker can do is demonstrate their understanding of quality concepts in order to promote productivity and satisfaction. Quality concepts should be used throughout the workplace, not just at certain specific times or in specific ways.

Assignment Activity 2: Construct an implementation plan of a Total Quality Management (TQM) programme in the workplace.

A TQM plan is a system-level design and implementation plan for improving the quality of an organization’s work processes. A well-designed TQM plan will identify each process area and develop specific goals, objectives, methods, resources, tasks and timelines to achieve meeting these goals.

The layout of the workplace should be designed such that every individual has direct access to all necessary information needed for carrying out their assigned task or duty. In addition, it is important that communication between different parts of the business are efficient so that everyone knows what needs to be done in order to improve performance within their particular sector or division.

A TQM programme in the workplace should be designed and implemented to ensure that all aspects of an organization’s quality management system (CAS) are operated in a manner that meets or exceeds the expectations of its customers.

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Assignment Activity 3: Examine the importance of managing the Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Market in the workplace.

The voice of the customer and the voice of the market are two important aspects that must be carefully managed in order to foster a positive workplace environment. Voice of the customer refers to what customers want from their businesses, while Voice of The Market is what businesses should aim to provide for their customers.

All businesses have a voice, and it is important to manage that voice in order to protect the company’s interests and achieve shareholder value. The most common way for companies to manage their voices is through communication channels such as email, social media, and other electronic means. However, even with these mediums of communication, there are ways for companies to communicate with their customers without having them know about it. For example, some companies may send out automated emails or text messages that provide information about products or services they offer but do not mention customer feedback specifically.

This type of marketing can be effective if done correctly because it allows the company’s employees who receive those messages to relay what the customer told them during sales conversations or interactions on other digital platforms.

Assignment Activity 4: Propose suitable quality techniques to design quality in products and services in the workplace.

All people, whether in the workplace or not, should be treated with respect. In order to ensure that all employees are treated with dignity and respect at the workplace, proper techniques for designing quality products and services must be followed. The following tips can help you develop these techniques:

1) Be aware of how your workers feel when they are working under high-pressure conditions. Recognize the signs that suggest an employee is feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable and take steps to resolve the situation before it becomes too much trouble.

2) Make sure your product designs meet human needs as closely as possible by taking into account worker comfort levels and preferences. Remember that every worker’s individual needs will vary depending on their job duties (e.g., hours worked, position occupied). You may find it helpful to create a prototype of each design concept so you can get feedback on what works best for different types of workers;

3) When developing new features or changes to existing products or services, consider using interviews instead of surveys to gain insights into worker opinion;

4) Use effective communication methods such as face-to-face discussion sessions instead of emailing explanations after work

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Assignment Activity 5: Evaluate various quality techniques and select suitable techniques to improve quality in products and services in the workplace.

Quality is important in the workplace and it should be given a high priority. However, quality can never be achieved without effective techniques and methods that are applied consistently. In order to achieve good quality products and services, businesses should use various Quality Control Methods (QC). These include process improvement, product safety, customer service, manufacturing processes/quality assurance etc., which will help improve overall production efficiency while reducing waste.

The goal of quality assurance is to identify and eliminate defective parts, products, or services in the workplace so that all workers are safe and happy. There are many different ways to achieve this goal; some involve establishing specific goals for each product or service before it is produced, while others require evaluating various techniques and selecting those which offer the best results.

Assignment Activity 6: Appraise the quality techniques and use them to improve business processes.

The quality techniques are those that reliably produce desired results. Any process improvement technique can be used in any business setting, but the three most effective and commonly used ones are time management, productivity enhancement, and information saturation.

By utilizing quality techniques, businesses can improve their operations and processes by reducing the amount of time required for tasks and improving accuracy. In order to achieve these objectives, it is important to identify which specific types of techniques may be most effective in achieving desired results.

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Assignment Activity 7: Develop the essential knowledge and interpersonal skills to work effectively in a team.

Working in a team is essential for success. A well-functioning team can accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively than any individual could alone. However, it is important to note that working as part of a successful team requires the development of essential interpersonal skills. These include being able to work cooperatively with other members of your team and understand their needs and wants so as not to sabotage the group’s efforts or contradict its goals.

Teams are essential in the workplace. They provide a space for people to cooperate and share ideas, energy, and enthusiasm. Teams also help employees feel like they belong at work, which can lead to higher levels of productivity and satisfaction.

Assignment Activity 8: Show well-developed written proficiency.

A well-written proficiency means that you are able to produce high-quality, clear and concise writing. You should be able to write without jargon, with a wide range of grammar skills, and use correct verb tense and tenses. You should also be capable of presenting your ideas in an engaging way so that readers will want to continue reading.

It is an important skill to have in order to be a successful writer. A well-developed written proficiency allows you to express yourself clearly, effectively, and persuasively on various occasions. It also facilitates communication with other people, whether they are writers or readers.

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Assignment Activity 9: Practice giving oral presentations in class and on recorded video in areas related to Total Quality Management.

A total quality management (TQM) system is a way of directing and controlling the process of making products or services successful. It helps organizations to identify areas where they can make improvements, and then allocate resources accordingly in order to achieve these changes. TQM systems are used by businesses for many different purposes such as product development, production line control, marketing research, service delivery, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction or product reliability.


Teachers should practise giving oral presentations in class and on recorded video in areas related to Total Quality Management. This will help them become better at communicating ideas, expectations, and results through a clear exposition of the material. It also gives the students an opportunity to learn about different types of communication styles and how they can be used effectively by teachers.

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