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BUS205 Company and Tort Law Assignment Sample

Singapore University of Social Sciences, a leading cum renowned university of Singapore offers a course program namely BUS205 Company and Tort Law. The education system of Singapore added this course in the study curriculum of students aiming to teach the students about the company laws and tort law. In conjunction with this imperative course, students also need to study various kinds of BUS205 Company and Tort Law assignment samples due to the fact of completing the homework they get in the SUSS BUS205 course program.

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What is BUS205 Company and Tort Law

BUS205 Company and Tort Law is a modular undergraduate course in the study curriculum of SUSS University. This SUSS course is a driving force for the business administration students to learn about the law of torts, tort law principles, company laws, etc. The SUSS BUS205 course is a favorable course for the students of the business administration field.

This course will be including a braid range of topics and profound understanding of the core subject. Students will get to understand and define different types of corporated as well as incorporated business entities in Singapore, like the sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, and company.

Objective of SUSS BUS205 Course

The motif of the SUSS BUS205 course is to familiarize Singaporean students with the legal system of Singapore i.e. the legal principles that govern the formation, management, and financing companies in Singapore.

The course on tort & company law aims to equip the students with an understanding of a broader array of topics of tort. Besides, this course will include the 3 types of tort law i.e. intentional torts, negligent torts, and strict liability torts.

Introduction to tort law

Tort law is the area of laws that covers most of the civil suits. It comprises the laws and rules for all the cases that arise in civil court but a case of contractual disputes is an exception of tort law.

The word “tort” which is a french word equivalent to the English word “wrong”. Basically the tort, in common law jurisdiction is a civil wrong except for the violation of a contract.

The tort law provides compensation to a person or property if damaged due to a fault of others. The basic concept of tort law is to redress the wrong done with someone and assist them fro the unfair acts of others. Generally, this law provides monetary compensation for the damages. Besides, the objective of Tort Law is to provide full compensation for the proven harms.

Tort law is considered as a restorative justice as it seeks remedy losses or damage with monetary compensation.

Typically tort law work into three categories: –

  • The complaints dealing with negligence
  • Intentional damage
  • Unintentional harm but non-negligent acts which are also called strict liability.

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Importance of Tort law

The purpose of tort law is to provide compensation to someone who himself or his property gets damaged due to the fault of some others. Usually, the restoration takes place in the form of rewarding monetary damages which will be including-

Medical expenses, lost wages, & compensation for physical and mental pain of suffering due to the damages.

As the tort law stands for those who suffer the pain of injuries or property damage due to others and provide them relief so the tort law is very crucial for everyone.

How does tort law work in relation to any company?

The tort law is important for a company/ business as it will act as a way to defend the business from financial losses that emanate from the unlawful actions of others & confine the company/ organization from working in normal conditions.

All in all, the law of tort will be a remedy to all the damages that a company will face due to others’ false doings.

Topics Included in SUSS BUS205 Company and Tort Law Course

In the process of learning about the company and tort law which are one of the most useful kinds of civil laws (except breaching of contract). To get an extensive understanding of the subject, students need to study a wide range of topics.

Here are the major topics of BUS205 SUSS course: –

  • Singapore Legal System
  • Business Organisations: Company Formation
  • Company Management
  • Company Finance
  • Business Organisations: Unincorporated & Incorporated Business Entities
  • Company Insolvency & Winding Up
  • Intellectual Property: Patents and Trademarks
  • Intellectual Property: Copyright and Registered Designs
  • Torts: Negligence
  • Torts: Defences to Negligence Claims
  • Torts: Negligent Misstatements

What are the Learning Outcomes of BUS205 Company and Tort Law Course

With the completion of the BUS205 SUSS course, the Singaporean students are expected to come out to be very knowledgeable of the topics and all the concepts of company and tort laws. They will be able to analyze the tort law cases and give various tort law examples.

Major educational outcomes of the BUS205 Company and Tort Law course are: –

  • Explain the concept of limited liability operates in the business

Limited liability operates in the business world as a way to prevent companies from being sued for any wrongfully done. A company that is limited liable cannot be held liable for damages done by its customers, employees, or other partners. This protection comes about because if there were no limit on how much money could be spent by a company and someone did something bad to another person, that person might still file a lawsuit against the company because they would feel like they had been mistreated.

  • Explain company formation and examine the different types of shares they can issue, & explain the meaning of issued and paid-up capital

Company formation is the process of creating a business organization and setting up its legal structure. There are several types of shares that can be issued in a company. The most common type of share is the equity share, which allows investors to purchase some portion ownership in the business. Other common types of shares include debt securities (such as bonds), preferred stock, and warrants.

  • Scrutinize the key concepts and trends in the law of torts

The law of torts is the body of legal doctrine that explains how people may be held liable for the harm they have caused. It provides a framework for resolving potential disputes between individuals and businesses, and judges must use it when making decisions about whether to award damages or punish someone.

  • Discuss the core forms of intellectual property – Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, and Registered Design

Intellectual property refers to the exclusive rights that a particular person or organization has to create, own, use, sell and distribute certain types of intellectual work. Patent law is one example of how intellectual property can be used to protect ideas and inventions. A patent protects an invention for 20 years after it is first created. Copyright law governs the way works are published and copyrighted so that people can enjoy them forever without fear of copyright infringement. A registered design is when an idea or product appears as part of a trademark (or another form of the registered trademark).

  • Explain the manifestation of tort phenomenon in the Asian and Singapore contexts

The manifestation of the tort phenomenon in the Asian and Singapore contexts can be seen as a result of cultural influences. In general, Asians are more likely to believe that honourable or moral behavior should be rewarded by society than those from other cultures, which may lead to unethical behaviors being condoned or even encouraged in some cases. This is particularly true when it comes to financial matters such as stealing and embezzlement. Conversely, many people in Singapore hold similar values and would not condone these same actions if they occurred within their own culture.

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