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BPM301 LCC and Sustainable Design and Construction SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

BPM301 LCC and Sustainable Design and Construction is the perfect course for students interested in learning about environmental sustainability and its implications in the construction industry. Focusing on Life Cycle Cost approaches, this course will teach participants about economic and social aspects of sustainable building design as well as broader issues related to climate change, energy conservation and waste management.

Through a combination of lecture discussions, case studies, and hands-on activities such as calculations, participants can gain a unique insight into the principles of green building design. In addition, this course helps foster an understanding of relevant regulations and standards used by experienced professionals in the field. With a comprehensive approach to exploring sustainable design strategies, this course is invaluable for anyone looking to advance their career within this important section of the housing industry.

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We have assembled some assignment tasks for you here:

Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate understanding of the concept of life-cycle-costing.

Life-cycle costing is a financial analysis tool that looks at the total cost of ownership for a product or service. It factors in all upfront costs, as well as regular maintenance, storage and other associated costs, up until the time when it becomes obsolete and needs to be replaced by a newer version.

This approach allows organizations to understand, analyze and compare the entire cost of ownership over the life of an asset or product rather than focusing on just the initial acquisition cost. Therefore, it provides a more comprehensive overview of how much resources are required for procurement initiatives over longer periods. Ultimately, this leads to better-informed decision-making and greater long-term cost predictability.

Assignment Task 2: Discuss the principles and techniques of sustainable design and construction.

Sustainable design and construction are approaches that seek to reduce the impact of human activities on our environment by reducing waste, pollution, and energy usage. These principles prioritize using natural resources more efficiently and responsibly. To maximize their sustainability, designers and builders should use renewable resources like solar, wind, or water power instead of nonrenewable sources such as gas and electricity. Working with durable materials that last longer also supports sustainability because they do not need frequent replacement.

Similarly, designing buildings with passive heating and cooling systems that rely on weather conditions helps conserve energy consumed through traditional HVAC equipment. Moreover, recycling and composting of building materials not only limits environments associated with disposing of leftover materials but could also introduce interesting textures in the design. Finally, sustainable designs must accommodate the long-term needs of users as well as contribute to a healthier environment for everyone in the future!

Assignment Task 3: Appraise a design or construction for its sustainability.

Upon close examination, the design and construction of this building prove to be highly sustainable. From the low-energy materials used in its framing to the solar panels adorning its roof, this structure is built with long-term environmental conservation in mind. It also has many ecologically friendly features already implemented, such as LED lighting and motion-activated air conditioning units. In addition, it was designed so as to maximize energy efficiency and natural light by leveraging its position relative to the sun. The overall result is a sustainable edifice that is worthy of recognition.

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Assignment Task 4: Illustrate how buildings can be designed to be more energy efficient and therefore more environmentally sustainable.

Buildings that are more energy efficient provide great opportunities for reducing emissions and achieving a more sustainable environment. Through better insulation and ventilation, as well as the use of renewable energy sources such as solar panels, buildings can be designed to reduce their electricity, gas and water usage by up to 40%. Furthermore, by ensuring the building envelope is properly sealed, the amount of lost heat can be significantly reduced.

Fundamentally, an understanding of all aspects of construction design becomes paramount in developing an energy-efficient building; from utilizing materials with higher insulation properties to employing technology such as automated solar gain control systems. By using certified green construction techniques, professionals can ensure that buildings are much more environmentally friendly than conventional ones.

Assignment Task 5: Discuss the business case for green buildings.

Green buildings provide numerous benefits that cannot be overlooked, especially in today’s highly competitive business environment. The advantages of green buildings include energy and resource conservation, reduced operating costs and increased occupant health and comfort. By investing in green building initiatives, businesses can realize long-term cost savings by decreasing utility fill and minimizing long-term maintenance costs associated with other building types.

Investing in green buildings also allows businesses to become good corporate citizens, tapping into the growing market share of consumers who are concerned with sustainability issues. Additionally, green buildings may allow organizations to access funding or loan programs when available due to their beneficial environmental impact. Clearly, there is tremendous potential for increased profitability, customer satisfaction and public recognition when businesses make the commitment to build green.

Assignment Task 6: Propose ways for sustainable construction.

Sustainable construction is an important part of the green building movement that incorporates design and construction practices to reduce the overall impact to our environment. An effective approach to ensure sustainability in construction is focusing on integrating renewable energy technologies. By installing efficient heating and cooling systems, we can significantly reduce our reliance on natural resources.

Additionally, insulation can be used to regulate temperatures more efficiently while reducing carbon emissions. Low-impact materials such as recycled steel and fly-ash can also be utilized wherever possible to benefit the environment and save costs. Finally, employing rainwater harvesting systems in construction projects further encourages sustainable practices with minimal cost to maximize green benefits.

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