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The BPM115 Materials Technology course provides students with an in-depth introduction to the fundamentals of materials science, allowing them to gain a comprehensive understanding of how materials act under different environmental conditions and how they can be used for various practical applications. The course covers multiple topics, from fundamental principles like thermodynamics and kinetics to more specific topics such as metals and composites. Additionally, there is a wide range of laboratory experiments designed to reinforce the theoretical concepts taught in lectures. This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge in the field of materials science or engineering.

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Assignment Brief 1: Define quality assurance/control in the application of the material.

Quality assurance/control is a critical part of the materials application process. It is an integral component that helps to ensure that the highest standards of quality have been met throughout the entire production sequence, from generative design to material selection and prototyping. Quality assurance/control goes beyond the identification of weak points and pitfalls, as it includes activities to make sure that the application of material meets accepted industry best practices. This can include anything from preliminary evaluation, testing for performance requirements and certifying project compliance. All this ultimately helps to ensure that proper material application procedures are being followed, increasing production efficiency and meeting customer expectations.

Assignment Brief 2: Describe the major classes of materials for structural and architectural materials.

When discussing structure and architectural materials, it is important to recognize the numerous classifications that exist for these elements. Most broadly speaking, there are three major categories of materials used in construction: natural materials, synthetic materials, and composite materials. Natural materials refer to those found in nature without further refinement, including lumber and stone. Synthetic materials are man-made items such as concrete and steel that are synthesized from raw resources.

Composite materials are combinations of both natural and synthetic materials; examples of this type of material include products like laminated wood and ‘green’ building products such as insulation containing both organic materials like sugarcane and non-organic additives such as Styrofoam pellets. Each type of structure or architectural material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages which must be considered in order to properly utilize them in a given project.

Assignment Brief 3: Indicate the major strengths/weaknesses of common materials.

Different materials have various advantages and disadvantages for certain applications. For example, aluminum is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and has a high degree of thermal conductivity, making it useful for manufacturing automotive parts and for creating cookware. On the other hand, aluminum does not have very good tensile strength and requires surface preparation before most adhesives or finishes can be applied effectively.

Steel has much higher tensile strength compared to aluminum, making it ideal for construction nails and bolts. However, steel is much heavier than aluminum as well as more costly to work with due to its greater durability requirements during manufacturing processes. Ultimately, the selection of an appropriate material needs to be based on the specific requirements of the application in order to ensure satisfactory results.

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Assignment Brief 4: List the different criteria in the procurement and selection of material in a project.

Procurement and selection of material in a project is an extremely important part of the process. Four key criteria should be taken into consideration when making decisions. The first criterion is economics, meaning that cost or price must be taken into account to determine the most beneficial option for the project. Further, technical performance must also be assessed as it relates to the intended purpose of the material within the project.

Additionally, time constraints allow for only a certain amount of flexibility when deciding on which materials best suit the project parameters. Finally, practicality is essential to analyze whether or not items can easily be integrated into existing processes or systems. All these considerations are imperative when ensuring successful procurement and selection of material in any project.

Assignment Brief 5: Explain the inter-dependability with another discipline in the management of a building.

The successful management of a building involves a multifaceted approach due to the diverse range of considerations involved. It is essential for those managing the building to be aware of the various disciplines that need to be consulted in order to create an optimal outcome. These can include issues related to planning and use, such as zoning laws and community consent processes; environmental factors, such as energy efficiency and ecological sustainability; along with construction and engineering disciplines from designing all the way through to completion. As such, inter-dependability between these areas is required in order for safe, responsible, and consistent management of a building.

Assignment Brief 6: Discuss alternative materials.

In a world facing problems with limited resources, the search for alternative materials that are both sustainable and renewable is of utmost importance. Many researchers and scientists have discovered materials like bamboo, thatch, wood, hemp, wool and other natural materials and explored their potential to be used as an alternative source of construction.

These materials are not only renewable but can also reduce the global carbon footprint by significantly reducing energy consumption levels compared to those created using conventional building materials such as cement, bricks and metals. Not only this, these alternatives can turn out to be more durable over time. Thus, it is important for governments to promote research and development in this space for us to achieve greater sustainability in the future.

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Assignment Brief 7: Demonstrate an ability to recommend materials selection for a built environment project.

When recommending material selection for a built environment project, it is critical to ensure the materials are right for the type of structure, as well as sustainably sourced and durable. Establishing these specifications early in the project gives designers an understanding of the available material options to draw upon when narrowing down their selections. By evaluating performance-based criteria such as acoustic ratings, durability, fire resistance, maintenance requirements, air quality influences and sustainability attributes, project teams can make informed decisions on which materials will be most suitable for a built environment project.

Assignment Brief 8: Appraise the quality of the material used in a project.

A critical factor of any successful project is the quality of the material used. Quality materials will yield far superior results than those made with subpar materials, meaning that thorough assessments must be conducted to ensure that only materials of the highest caliber are utilized. To appraise the quality of a material, it should be examined for consistency, durability, and reliability. A wise investment in quality products can often save significant amounts of money and time further down the line. Ultimately, evaluating the quality of materials on a project is essential for assuring its success.

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