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BPM113 Construction Technology is an incredibly useful course for many students. It can teach them the fundamental concepts related to building and construction, from plans and design to materials and measurement. Understanding these topics provides leverage when it comes to tackling challenges in many different fields, such as architecture, civil engineering, or even simple home repairs. With this knowledge under their belt, students are well-equipped to pursue a career in any of these areas or take on more ambitious renovation and construction projects.

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Here, we will provide some assignment activities. These are:

Assignment Activity 1: State the purpose, function and performance expected of buildings.

Buildings are an essential part of any landscape and serve as valuable assets in both public and private contexts. Their purpose is to provide a functional space for activities such as storage, habitation, and commercial operations. However, no matter what their purpose may be, a key expectation placed on all buildings is that they must perform well when put to the task at hand.

This performance should be measured across several categories, including but not limited to structural integrity, energy efficiency, sound insulation, cost-effectiveness, and the availability of features that meet applicable codes or regulations. Ultimately, good design should ensure that the building meets its intended purpose whilst also operating efficiently with minimal maintenance requirements or disruption.

Assignment Activity 2: Describe the structural behaviors of different structural elements of buildings.

Structural elements are integral components of all building construction, as they are responsible for providing stability to the structure. It is essential that these elements possess sufficient strength, such that they will not fail in the face of unfavorable external loads, while also minimizing the amount of material used. As a result, different structural elements interact differently when presented with loads.

For example, columns typically experience axial compression under vertical load, while beams generally undergo bending when faced with similar loading. Additionally, walls tend to exhibit shear behavior as a result of transverse loading. By understanding the different structural behaviors exhibited by various building components and applying them appropriately in design applications, engineers can ensure a structure’s long-term performance and safety.

Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate understanding of the general functional requirements and the different types of main building components such as building foundations, floors, walls, roofs, windows, doors, stairs, ramps and surface finishes.

Building components and components’ functional requirements are extremely important considerations when constructing a building. Foundations, floors, walls, roofs, windows, doors, stairs and ramps are among the key elements in any commercial or residential structure. Surface finishes such as flooring materials must also be carefully selected to meet the desired result while considering their performance criteria including fire reaction, wear resistance and aesthetics.

For example, ceramic tiles with a high coefficient of friction are essential for ramps or stairs used for wheelchair access. Constructing buildings safely and effectively requires knowledge of the various components and their required functions in addition to consideration for applicable building codes and standards.

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Assignment Activity 4: Identify and describe the different materials used and construction approaches used for the different types of building components.

Building components come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. From brick and mortar to steel beams, the materials used to construct a building component depend on the specific requirements of both its usage and environment. Construction approaches can range from traditional masonry techniques to engineered solutions such as pre-fabricated parts. Components made from clay bricks are both durable and easy to repair without specialized tools but tend to be heavier than their wooden counterparts. Wooden components often have a shorter lifespan than masonry but can be more lightweight for load-bearing applications.

Steel offers extreme strength, as well as corrosion resistance, which makes it suitable for use in coastal or tropical climates. Differentials in these materials can lead architects and engineers to make sensible decisions when selecting building components that are fit for purpose according to their usage and environment.

Assignment Activity 5: Discuss the environmental impact of buildings and their construction processes and how they can potentially be mitigated.

The construction process and the life cycle of a building have a significant environmental impact, including the production of greenhouse gasses, the release of hazardous chemicals, and increased energy consumption. However, these impacts can be mitigated with clever design and engineering solutions. Building materials such as sustainable lumber, insulating materials made from recycled cotton fibers or denim, and glass or recycled plastic for windows can reduce resource use in construction considerably. Investing in renewable energy sources like solar panels to reduce energy demands is also important as well as implementing strategies to reduce water usage within buildings.

Finally, green roofs are an excellent way to increase a building’s energy efficiency while also providing insulation during both the summer and winter months. In conclusion, a concerted effort to incorporate environmentally-friendly tactics in the planning and construction processes of buildings will result in less pollution, decreased carbon emissions, and more sustainable communities that we can all enjoy for years to come.

Assignment Activity 6: Explain how the material selection and construction of different building elements and surface finishes influence the maintenance and operations of the buildings.

The material selection and construction of building elements and surface finishes play an important role in influencing the maintenance and operations of any given building. From the very onset of planning, designers must start considering these factors as they inform decisions regarding life-cycle costs, durability, and aesthetics. For example, materials used for cladding systems should be appropriate to the environment in order to minimize environmental degradation while providing reasonable water protection and supporting adequate weather tightness.

The most suitable material should be one that is easy to handle, landscape friendly, and offers enhanced sustainability features. Apart from this, different buildings require different finishes on their floor surfaces depending upon their functions, i.e., highly durable surfaces for kitchens or anti-slip surfaces for bathrooms — all areas need to be carefully considered beforehand in order to reduce the demands on future maintenance work. It is paramount that proper considerations are taken when selecting materials and constructing building elements as these can not only affect budgeting but also energy consumption during its lifetime operation.

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Assignment Activity 7: Discuss the potential performance and maintenance issues related to the design and construction of different building components.

The design and construction of building components can have considerable implications on the performance and maintenance of a structure. Factors such as material selection, structural configuration, and environmental conditions may all affect how different components behave once constructed. Unforeseen issues in the design process can lead to operational problems requiring costly maintenance or even reconstruction. Additionally, incorrect selection or use of materials can cause extensive damage or even failure of the component.

It is therefore important to consider how different design choices may influence performance and maintenance requirements when creating building components. Thorough planning and attention to detail are key to ensuring that components are designed, constructed, and maintained properly for optimal functionality and longevity.

Assignment Activity 8: Demonstrate understanding of the local regulatory approval and risk management processes to be adopted for the construction of buildings.

Understanding local regulatory approval and risk management processes for building construction is an essential part of the construction process. An effective combination of both processes helps ensure buildings are constructed safely and in compliance with applicable regulations. In order to build a safe structure, approved plans must be identified in accordance with state or municipal codes, and reviewed by qualified professionals.

Risk management includes defining potential risk factors that could complicate the project, such as environmental, budgetary or material-related concerns, as well as creating practicable safety plans to mitigate those risks throughout the building’s construction cycle. Obtaining approval and effectively managing risk can be time-consuming but is vital to ensuring a successful outcome.

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