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BMU307 Composition and Contemporary Approaches to Creative Music-Making Assignment Example SUSS

BMU307 Composition and Contemporary Approaches to Creative Music-Making Assignment Example SUSS

One of the most interesting fields of Arts and humanities is the field of music and instrument that creates calmness and peace all around. Almost a very personal love to whether sing or listen to music and the one who love compose it, this course is meant for them.

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The assignment sample includes the topic of composition and contemporary approaches to creative music-making that educate the student about the music field. This branch is not only related to learning how to sing but also involves the comprehensive area as to compose and create music. In the said field there are several approaches, tools; methods to compose that can beautifully be arranged in a melodious rhythm.

To compose the music in different styles, phrases, chords, variation, pitch, words, music, tone, etc the exerts of SUSS assist a lot. The understanding of music requires an extensive study of music background and contemporary changes that lay down recently enable the student to come up with something unique and catchy.

Music is not only the formal structure of words and music but also attached with the emotions and perception of the human as how one perceives the music and in what state of mind it vocalizes the words into a song. The course covers all the phrases, their extension, composition, instruments discourse, practical learning of composition, etc.

BMU307 Composition and Contemporary Approaches to Creative Music-Making SUSS Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the student will able to compose with the help of the following learning outcomes:-

1.Discuss the different approaches to creative music-making in composition.

In this assignment sample, the student enables to give an in-depth knowledge of distinct approaches that work as an essential element in composing creative music. Such techniques give the way to students to formulate the proper lines and make a beautiful link within them.

A complete doing requires the connection of one line from the other and make a story that the full song depicts. To compose the music, there are different techniques that music -maker choose and this solved module help the student to opt the most appropriate method in creating something unique.

2.Employ a variety of techniques in musical arrangement and composition.

Compiling the lyrics into music requires distinct techniques and this course involves the composition using unconventional scales and modes. This assignment sample educates the student about the formulation of a structure that involves three major aspects that are repeat, return, and variation. These three conceits play a crucial role in composing creative music that touches the soul of the person.

As music should be not the one that has beautiful limes only but also reflect that emotional aspect through its melodious music. This assignment helps in explaining the variety of techniques in compiling the song and melodic musical arrangement.

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3.Construct melodic lines for given harmony.

The solved assignment gives an extensive knowledge as to compose the lines in such a way that it gives beautiful meaning and sounds pleasant to the ears of the person. Music should be melodious that can listen every time according to the mood of the person.

The course prepares the students to construct the lines in a melodious form. It educates the students to produce core and basic themes of the idea, separated components to catchy rhythms. Every lesson of the course has a distinct subject matter that forms an essential part of composing music.

The course develops the musical understanding in the students that help them in enhancing their creative thinking.

4.Arrange music in different parts for instrumentalists or singers.

The course not only involves the composition and assembling of lines into music but certain other factors play a vital role in producing a nice chord. The assignment sample includes the study of instruments and how to produce music on such instruments.

The study of an instrument includes the structure, function of each part of such instruments arrangement system in the device and how the appliance work to generate catchy music. The study of instrumentation is in itself the study of a single subject that makes the branch of composing music compete.

A composer must know the rules of forming the music and study of instrument furnish certain rules of it that function while composing.

5.Compose music in a coherent style.

The module not only hives theoretical understanding in composing music but also entails the practical aspect that involves the instructions to the students to prepare music that can be legible to the ears. This allows the students to exhibit all the skills and learning which they received during the program.

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The above assignment sample is based on BMU307 Composition and Contemporary Approaches to Creative Music-making SUSS

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