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BME201 Biomedical Ethics SUSS TMA Assignment Sample

Ethics are essential irrespective of the field. Similarly, the biomedical arena also requires its personnel to possess relevant ethics. Singapore University of Social Sciences introduces a crucial course namely BME201 Biomedical Ethics to the students of science and technology. This course encompasses the ethics and morality of choices and decisions pertaining to medical research.

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Key Aim of SUSS BME201 Biomedical Ethics Course

The key aim to introduce the SUSS BME201 course is to educate the students with the basic ethics and morals of choices or decision making regarding medical research. This course will teach the students about the fundamental theories, moral concepts, and methods in ethics.

The BME201 course emphasizes on developing a sense of intense sensitivity and expertise in bio-related research scientists and engineers.

The BME201 SUSS course also focuses on drilling the students with extensive knowledge pertaining to the subject. In addition, this course also provides various assignments to let them draw more detailed comprehension from different articles, library books, BME201 Biomedical Ethics SUSS TMA Assignment Samples or examples, etc.

Introduction to Biomedical Ethics

Biomedical ethics is a branch of ethics that analyzes clinical bio-medicine practice and relevant scientific research. The biomedical ethics are the set of ethics which the researchers/ scientists should refer to when in a situation of any doubt or conflict.

These ethics or values possess different principles and theories within and let the doctors/ medical engineer create a suitable research plan and work towards a common goal.

Principles of Biomedical Ethics

The major principles of Biomedical ethics are as follows: –

  • Autonomy: – Respecting a person’s right to make his decision on his own
  • Beneficence: – Treat people with dignity
  • Non-maleficence: – Never do bad/ damage to people
  • Justice: – Treat people fairly

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What Are Biomedical Ethical Issues?

While dealing with a medical field, many issues can arise while working. Similarly, many issues arise with biomedical ethics as well.

These are the main biomedical ethical issues: –

  • Physician-patient relationship
  • Sexuality and gender
  • Disability issues
  • Consent, vulnerability, and/or coercion
  • Genetic testing and screening
  • Resource allocation
  • Ethical treatment of animals
  • Mental health illness, treatments, and care for patients

Subject Matter of BME201 SUSS Course

The BME201 course equips SUSS students with great knowledge and understanding of the basics of medical research ethics and morals. This entire expertise is provided by the course in discrete topics.

Here are the main topics included in the SUSS BME201 course: –

  • Ethics and Professionalism in Engineering
  • Responsible Conduct of Science
  • Ethics in Genetic Screening and Genetic Engineering
  • Methods, Moral Concepts and Theories in Ethics
  • Ethics of Live-sustaining Biomedical Engineering Design
  • Bioethics regulations in Singapore

Learning Outcomes of SUSS BME201 Course

The major learning outcomes of the BME201 Biomedical Ethics course are as follows: –

  • Explain the meaning of ethics
  • Discuss the major ethical theories, & their applications in the biomedical arena
  • Compare various issues (current and traditional) in biomedical ethics
  • Discuss extensively the pros and cons of each ethical issue; differentiate different ethical views on the same problem
  • Elucidate theories of ethics: teleological and deontological.
  • Utilize the ethical decision tool to make an ethical decision
  • Inspect the possible ethical dilemmas in the work of a biomedical engineer like in research, while allocating a life-sustaining machine
  • Recommend possible actions that can be taken in response with these dilemmas
  • Recognize the possible impact of those actions

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