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Effective Business Communication Barriers Sample

In this sample essay, we will be discussing Business communication barriers. . We discussed how workplaces can employ effective business communication. However,  we shall discuss the opposite in this essay, Meaning we will be looking at what are barriers that reduce effective business communication.

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Moreover, we will be discussing various aspects of business communication barriers. The topics are discussion will be: what are business communication barriers, types of business communication barriers, external barriers, organizational barriers, and personal barriers. In the end, we will also look at how to tackle them.

What are the barriers of business communication?

As the name suggests, business communication barriers are anything that prevents effective communication in the workplace. This means anything stopping the effortless exchange of information between two people in a business setting is known as a business communication barrier.

Moreover, this information can be anything includes tasks, ideas, orders, etc. The business communication barrier causes bad communication channels between employees and higher officials. As a result, the department’s or team’s performance is poor. At a larger level, the whole company is affected.

Types of barriers of communication

In this paragraph, we shall discuss different categories of business communication barriers. Moreover, these are divided into three different categories depending on the cause or reason of the barrier. Similarly, these three categories are further divided into several types.

Nevertheless, these three categories of business communication barrier are:

  • External barrier
  • Organizational barrier
  • Personal barrier

We shall discuss these three types in detail below.

The external barrier in business communication barriers

External barrier refers to the barriers that are uncontrollable. This means that these barriers are not caused due to someone’s action. They take place by themselves. Hence they can’t be controlled by changes in behavior.

Furthermore, there are two types of external barrier, namely:

  • Semantic Barriers: According to this, it is possible that the receiver of the message may interpret it differently as compared to what the sender meant. This could due to language gap, thinking difference, the difference in education, and so on
  • Emotional or psychological barrier: As obvious as it is, emotional or psychological barrier comes into play due to the emotional or psychological state of the receiver or the sender.

Moreover, this barrier is further divided into:

  • Inattention barrier: when receiver fails to pay attention to the sender
  • Perceptual barrier: Someone people interpret a specific part of the message based on their own interest.
  • Transmission loss or Poor Retention: After passing through many levels within an organization, the accuracy of the message may be affected.
  • Premature Evaluation: this happens when the receiver interprets the message before getting the whole information.
  • Communicator distrust: This barrier takes place when the receiver does not trust the sender.
  • Communicate failure: When the sender fails to transmit the message accurately.

The organizational barrier in barriers of business communication

The organizational barrier as the name suggests is due to organization. Moreover, these may take place due to rules, or the structure of the organization.

Furthermore, there are six parts of this category namely:

  • Organizational policy: Organizational policy provides guidelines on how the communication will take place inside the business setting. Moreover, if the policy is not supportive it may affect the commutation channel.
  • Status relationship: Relationship between the employee and superior may also result in a business communication barrier.
  • Rules and regulation of organization: Rules and regulation decide the follow of information inside an organization and hence can be the reason for the barrier
  • Organization’s structural complexity: if the structure of an organization is overly complex

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The personal barrier in barriers of business communication

As communication is an inter-personal process, there are chances that personal factors may give rise to barriers. Nevertheless, there are two types of personal barrier, namely:

  • The barrier in supervisor: The role of the supervisor is very important in business communication due to their hierarchy. Therefore, it can create barriers.

Moreover, this is further divided into several parts. These areas mentioned below:

  • Superior’s attitude
  • Fear of Challenge to Authority
  • Subordinate’s Lack of Confidence
  • Tight schedule
  • Lacking Awareness
  • Ignoring Communication
  • The barrier in subordinates: the business commutation between subordinates is also important as it helps them divide the workload and ease the work.

Nevertheless, this is further divided into many parts which are:

  • Unwilling to communicate
  • Lack of incentive

How to tackle the communication barrier in business

Earlier, in this paragraph, we read what are business communication barriers and different types. However, these barriers need to be eliminated for effective business communication in the workplace.

Moreover, here we must discuss different ways to tackle these barriers. These are as stated below:

  • Receiving and providing full information
  • Building mutual trust
  • Using Appropriate Language while communicating in the workplace
  • Improving Inter-Personal Relationship in business settings
  • Selecting Appropriate Channel for communication
  • Shared Understanding
  • Adding Empathy while Communication
  • Always making a Two-Way Communication
  • Backing your Words with Actions
  • Being a good listener

In addition to this, you may also like to read our essay “effective business communication in the workplace” to dive deeper into the concept. It will provide you a better and in-depth view of how can one gain effective business communication.

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