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BAFI3192 Risk Management Assignment Sample RMIT Singapore

Risk is an inevitable reality for all operating industries. The Analysis of risk management is the most integral part of any business to run successfully as it protects the organization from the unforeseen threats.

One of the popular universities of Singapore known as The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) is offering BAFI3192 Risk Management course for candidates who are ambitious to take upon this course as a dynamic career option in the finance field.

This intensive BAFI3192 Risk Management course has to conclude Timed Online Assessment and Problem-solving assignments that have to be submitted by the candidates to their assigned tutor. These Self-Assessments will verify the competencies and knowledge acquired by the students after the completion of each module.

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Stating about Risk Management?

Risk management is the process of securing organizations earning and capital by identifying, controlling and assessing threats to the business.

It helps an organization to prepare in advance about how to minimize the extra cost or unexpected risks that can happen in future.

Here are listing BAFI3192 Risk Management Course Benefits

 Creation of work environment i.e. secured and safe for the customers and staff

  • Decrement of legal liability while increasing business operations stability
  • Protection of the company’s assets from any potential arising of threats and harm
  • Saving of unnecessary insurance premium of the organization by assessing its need for insurance.
  • Establishment of strong corporate governance

Process of risk management 

  1. Identification of risk
  2. analysis of risk
  3. Assessing and evaluating risk
  4. Risk mitigation
  5. Monitoring of risk
  6. Consultation and Communication of risk

Approaches to risk management

Different strategies that a company can follow to minimize risk are

  1. Risk avoidance
  2. Risk reduction
  3. Sharing of risk
  4. Retaining risk

For this an Organization should seek an answer to the following questions:

  • How to prevent loss and how to recover from it?
  • Will it affect organizations profitability?
  • How the organization will pay if there are some losses?

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Structure of BAFI3192 Risk Management Course 

The strategy of risk management should be effective to identify and control risk so that an organization can have prosperous and long-term future.

BAFI3192 Risk Management course structure is as follows

 Module 1. Risk management overview

  • Introduction to risk management
  • Classification, elements of risk
  • Risk management and its benefits

Module 2 risk analysis

  • Introduction and process activities of risk analysis

 Module 3 risk types

  • Financial risk
  • Operational risk
  • Technological risk
  • Political and legal risk
  • Environmental risk
  • Market and social risk

Module 4 identification of risk

  • To identify process and opportunity

Module 5 risk evaluation assessment and its management

  • Process of risk management
  • Developing strategies

Module 6 about ERM (Enterprise Risk Management)

  • How to implement ERM for its benefit to business growth

Module 7 risk management program

  • Criteria of how to evaluate risk
  • How to control risk
  • To determine highly critical operations

The Risk Management course (BAFI3192) structure is coupled with various assignments like Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA), Final Year Project (FYP) and Group-Based Assessment (GBA) which carries substantial weightage in final results.

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Educational upshots of Risk Management Course (BAFI3192)

 Upon completion of this course, successful students are expected to learn

  1. Significance of risk manager role In the organization
  2. Inadequate risk management consequences
  3. Intrinsic linking of reward and risk
  4. Knowledge of various kinds of risk
  5. Developing an effective framework of risk management
  6. How to work confidently with the risk management team

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Question 3 What are the Career path options after pursuing BAFI3192 Risk Management course?

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  • Compliance Officer/Specialist/Analyst
  • Credit Card Analyst, Risk Manager

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