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Aviation Project Management Assignment Sample Singapore

Aviation Project Management Assignment Sample Singapore

Global aviation may be facing capacity constraints, but they are not insurmountable. They need innovative solutions and airports must change with the times to meet their requirements for passenger preferences, technology safety standards as well as sustainability.

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Drawing on the latest technologies and innovations, WSP offers support to our clients in almost every field of their business. They provide services ranging from strategic consulting, private financing initiatives all the way through design; and construction-phase service to operations maintenance at any phase of a project or capital program.

WSP views program management as a partnership with owners, fostering effective and cost-efficient project delivery. As an extension of staff, the program manager is passionate about protecting the client’s interests in all areas of implementation: planning design; procurement construction; operation maintenance.

TOA,TMA, GBA Assignment sample of  Aviation Project Management module Singapore

At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn Aviation Project Management module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1. Describe the main project management processes (scope, schedule, cost) used in the planning and execution of the work

The following are the main project management processes used in the planning and execution of the work:

Project Initiation with goal, required resources and even constraints defined in this phase is where project proposals can be designed as a blueprint for successful eventual project execution. The first step is to identify what needs to happen and how it will happen.

Planning constraints include needed people resources, time limitations or other limits within which to deliver an effective plan when all these factors are considered simultaneously; risks that make achieving success difficult should they occur should also be identified at this stage since it would allow preventive steps from being taken if anything goes wrong during the course of the original implementation of said plan. Heuristics may be employed here for guidance especially in the case that a lot of similar projects have been executed.

2. Provide a review of a recently completed (i.e., within the last 30-40 years) and documented airport, airline, or aviation project.

A recent review of the Scmaa airport and its airline, Aardvark Airways, has been completed by Softpedal Enterprises. The primary purpose of the Scmaa airport is to serve as medium-sized metropolitan hub for nearby airports. It is managed by an organization that also manages three other airports in different continents.

Aardvark Airways serves as a regional airline with flights to only two destinations: Scmaa International Airport and Taupe Misison Airport. The company was founded in 1997 and employs 250 people who are responsible for maintaining the fleet of planes (including 4 commercial jets), their two international offices, and various distribution centers across North America which distribute food items such as breads, cheeses, meat products, etc.

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The company is also responsible for making arrangements with the hotels and restaurants in both Scmaa International Airport’s terminal building as well as Taupe Airport Hotel which can accommodate 150 passengers and 20 cars.

The facility at Scmaa airport has four runways of equal length and surface area despite serving two airlines. It has two terminals: one solely served by Aardvark Airways and another used for all other flights. These terminals have a total capacity of 300,000 passengers each year since they are made to serve 4 million unique travelers annually compared to 3 million who pass through them on a yearly basis.

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