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Advanced Certificate in Sustainability & Sustainable Businesses SMU Assignment Sample Singapore

The Singapore Government has been taking steps to establish the city as one that is sustainable. One way they’ve done this so far include promoting smart and green buildings, which are becoming more popular in today’s society due to their functionality with regards to efficiency or cost-effectiveness – both financially feasible for business owners but also environmentally conscious towards our planet’s future generations who will inherit it whether we leave them a clean environment now or damage some irreversible long after you’re gone!

Organizations embracing sustainability through integrating into operations not only comply with certain regulations set forth by The Exchange STX Codes such as ‘comply-or explain’ (but rather mitigate) because of the capability to save energy and water, hence operating costs.

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The emerging green sector is a hotbed for job opportunities, as it has been growing in recent years. To take advantage of these careers and be well-equipped with skills required to work within this field, consider enrolling into the Advanced Certificate Sustainability & Sustainable Business jointly organized by GCNS & SMU.

Topics/Structure Of Course

To achieve the Advanced Certificate in Sustainability and Sustainable Businesses, participants will need to complete the following modules offered by SMU Academy:

Module 1: Introduction to Sustainability and Strategic Community Investment 

Module 2: Environmental and Carbon Management for a Sustainable Economy 

Module 3: Sustainable Supply Chain and the Circular Economy

Module 4: Governance, Labour, Human Rights Management and Business Integrity 

Module 5: Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing 

Module 6: Sustainability Reporting and Strategic Communication 

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Backed by a team of qualified staff, our innovative courses have helped many students achieve their goals. If you’re looking to advance your career or expand into new areas such as renewable energy production with an environmental focus then this course is perfect.

Assignment Activity 1: Broaden and deepen your understanding of key corporate sustainability concepts and frameworks

Sustainability, also referred to as the triple bottom line (or TBL), has been increasingly recognized and utilized in recent years. The three elements of sustainability include: the environment, people and profit. Corporate sustainability frameworks have emerged from this concept in an effort to balance these issues when making decisions or designing products. These frameworks require responsible management practices that help mitigate all aspects of sustainability simultaneously.

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Frameworks such as Appreciative Inquiry, the Follower-Participation Framework, Learning Organization Theory and Inclusive Design can be very helpful in guiding a company’s sustainable philosophies and understanding how best to respond to a changing world. Each framework brings its own strengths – for example Appreciative Inquiry is often used to generate enthusiasm about a desired future, while the Learning Organization Theory is great for problem solving and innovating.

When deciding which framework to use, it is important to consider the company’s culture, values and goals. Frameworks that are not well-aligned with a company’s culture can be ineffective and even counterproductive. It is also important to remain flexible and adaptable when utilizing frameworks.

The Follower-Participation Framework focuses on leadership, empowerment and organizational learning in order to enhance sustainability. The Participatory approach includes three phases: First, the company must establish trust when interacting with employees. Second, it is important for a company to have open communication channels so that information can be shared across the organization freely. Finally, employees must feel that they are able to participate in making decisions that affect them.

This framework is beneficial because it helps companies to become more participatory and democratic, which can result in a more sustainable organization. It also helps to build trust between employees and management, encourages communication and allows employees to have a voice in the company.

Assignment Activity 2: Acquire skills to write your sustainability reports and calculate your organisation’s carbon footprint

A carbon footprint includes the direct emissions that your organisation creates as well as those that are created by your supplier chain and your customers. You must consider all sources, near and far, both direct and indirect.

You will need to acquire skills in sustainability reporting and calculating your organisation’s carbon footprint. To identify the use of greenhouse gas emissions at your company, you can benchmark against standards such as ISO 14064-2 for greenhouse gases (GHG) and GHG Protocol Standards and Performance Indicators, or use a web calculator such as GHGenius. There are several calculators to estimate the CO2 emissions in your annual reports: GHGenius, Environmental Protection Agency Calculator for Businesses, CO2 Emissions Calculator

To calculate the Company’s Carbon Footprint there are some great field guides available on calculating this specific figure.However keep in mind that if you are publishing an annual report these estimations will need to be updated as your Company footprint changes over the year.

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When you have identified and quantified your main sources of emissions document these as a Supplier Statement as part of your organisation’s carbon reduction policy. The supplier statement should include:

  1. Your suppliers
  2. Their emissions from direct operations, transportation, waste and product use
  3. Steps your supplier is taking to reduce emissions
  4. How you will work with them to ensure reductions
  5. The date by which you expect emissions reductions

There are many calculators and guides that can help organisations measure and reduce their carbon footprint, but ultimately it comes down to taking responsibility for all the sources of greenhouse gas emissions an organisation creates and taking steps to reduce emissions on a continuing basis.

Assignment Activity 3: Experience through site visits how sustainability is integrated into business operations at leading organisations

Sustainability is integrated into all areas of business operations at leading organisations like Intel, Nike, Apple and eBay. Technology companies like Cisco are collaborating with Networked Climate Systems to make their data centres more energy efficient using innovative software; Nike is using recycled materials to manufacture products that conserve resources (i.e., land) and water; Apple’s Taiwan office has made the building carbon neutral for the last ten years by reusing heat from servers, recycling enough electricity to supply 10,000 households for a year; eBay recently announced plans to set up 100% renewable energy sources globally by 2020 so they can provide clean power for every one of its employees producing an equivalent impact as taking 15 million cars off the road or planting 3 billion trees.

Each of these organisations is taking different, but equally important, steps to becoming more sustainable. For example, Intel has a programme called “Clean Tech for Manufacturing” which partners with suppliers to reduce energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and water usage in their manufacturing processes. They are also working on developing new technologies that will improve the energy efficiency of data centres, laptops and tablets.

Nike is focusing on creating products with recycled materials which help conserve resources. For example, their Flyknit shoes are made from recycled water bottles. They also have a “Reuse-A-Shoe” programme that recycles used shoes into new Nike products such as basketball courts and running tracks.

Apple is reducing the environmental impact of their products by using recycled materials and renewable energy. For example, the glass on the front and back of the iPhone 6 is made from 30% recycled material. They are also powering their data centres with renewable energy, like wind and solar power.

eBay is working to become more sustainable by setting up renewable energy sources. They are also using innovative software to make their data centres more energy efficient. For example, they are using a software called “Data Center Infrastructure Management” (DCIM) to measure and manage the energy use of their data centres.

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Each of these organisations recognise the importance of sustainability and are taking steps to become more environmentally friendly. By following practices like those outlined above, technology companies can continue to re-invent themselves and push the boundaries of what is possible.

Assignment Activity 4: Network with like-minded individuals from the sustainability community

The best way to network with like-minded individuals from the sustainability community is by going to meetups on LinkedIn, reading blogs, and joining social media groups. Doing so will not only provide you with information but also opportunities to engage in conversation and outreach with others out there who care about topics such as environmental philosophy. As a small business trying to reach consumers interested in efficient living, it’s important for you to tap into this populous area of interest.

Start by researching the networks that are already in place for your niche. For example, there is a nonprofit Innovation Labs community on LinkedIn. Joining this network allows professionals to be connected with innovators through their common interest of sustainable innovation. It’s also possible to start or join online communities- many of which may work well for particular niches, like “Environmental Investors” or “Sustainable Youth.”

In addition to using networks from other disciplines, it can be helpful to identify and engage other groups within your specific field. For example, the National Safety Council has a chapter dedicated entirely to safety professionals who work towards sustainability efforts in their respective industries (manufacturing, construction). Networking should not only be done at conferences or through social media – it’s also important to develop relationships with people you meet through day-to-day interactions.

The best way to make valuable connections is by being memorable and presenting yourself as a credible source of information. When meeting someone new, try to exchange business cards (or even better, connect via LinkedIn). If you’re attending an event, bring literature about your company or product to share. And, lastly, always be respectful and follow up after any interaction.

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