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ADL598 Learning Design Project Assignment Sample SUSS, Singapore

ADL598 Learning Design Project Assignment Sample SUSS, Singapore

In this assignment sample, we will be going to discuss the ADL598 Learning Design Project Assignment sample of SUSS, Singapore. Learning Design Project is not just a course, but an opportunity to improve your skills as well. It gives you the chance to take what you know and apply it in new ways through material development for students like yourself. You’ll learn how learning design can be applied across different fields of study so that no matter where life takes you, this knowledge will always come with you!

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Learning Design Project offers up professional opportunities for those who want them–future employers are sure to notice any experience on resumes from successful completion of this class’ rigorous curriculum requirements.

This course was designed to immerse students in the world of LDP and to give them a head start on the industry.

Learning Design Project gives you all the information that you need to start your career or take it to the next level. With its hands-on approach, this course brings theory down to earth through project development for real clients that truly appreciate what you’re working towards.

This course can serve as preparation for further education at graduate school if that is your choice.

The course was designed to give students an overview of a variety of topics, as well as get their hands dirty with practical applications.

TOA, TMA, GBA Assignment solution of ADL598 Learning Design Project Module

At the end of this course, the student will be able to understand the ADL598 Learning Design Project with the help of the following learning outcomes

1. Analyse learning needs and the profile of learners.

We can Analyse the learning needs and profiles of learners by understanding that there are four common learner profiles. These four profiles include:

Learners who are uncomfortable with technology  Learners who have a lot of time, but don’t know what to do Learners who lack the skills. This group’s instruction should emphasize old-fashioned face-to-face methods Learners who lack confidence or motivation in their skills so are always practising and struggling to create their own work.

The instruction for this group does not matter how much time they have, it is important they build up foundational skills so you work on quality output instead of quantity output.

2. Formulate and define course learning outcomes and goals.

In order to Formulate and define course learning outcomes and goals, we need to do the following:

Ensure all stakeholders are represented (faculty, staff, students)

Define learning outcomes that look at both what a student will know and be able to do as they finish a given unit. Learning objectives should state clearly what students should learn by the end of an instructional segment – specify measurable behaviours or knowledge ideas.

This also ensures that instructions include specific objectives relevant to standards which can then serve as benchmarks for assessing student progress toward meeting those standards.

You can use Bloom’s Taxonomy in your discussions with stakeholders around goals to adjust instruction so you focus on higher-order thinking skills where appropriate.

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3. Prepare a reasonable set of topics based on learning needs within the proposed structure.

We can prepare a reasonable set of topics based on learning needs within the proposed structure by:

First, I would make a list of all the topics you think you (or your students) need to learn. Then, I would organize them according to what is relevant for your course and order them in terms of difficulty level.

The next step is to read about those topics that interest you most, as then writing out short summaries on how they work–what they are, examples and what different people use them for, etc. This process forces you to deepen your knowledge and will also make it more interesting for others to read.

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4. Create course content for the area of study based on defined goals.

There are two main things to keep in mind when creating course content for the area of study.

1) What is the goal one wants to achieve? The first thing you should do before designing a course is to determine what your goals are. Is this project for an ethical or philosophical critique? Or, does it hope to teach people how to solve problems and think critically about their beliefs? Course content should shape around goals, and be structured accordingly.

2) Identify gaps: Next, identify any gaps that currently exist in this discipline. Is there something that hasn’t been adequately addressed yet by current courses available in universities? Use online searches and library databases alike as resources here to explore potential areas of weakness.

5. Organize course content and determine the order in which they would appear meaningfully within the course structure.

We can organize course content and determine the order in which they would appear meaningfully within the course structure through the following ways:

1) Structuring by ‘Bird’s Eye View’: Structure the course content using a “bird’s eye view” approach. In other words, imagine that you are looking down on your discipline from above and jot down the key information at each level, namely on macro-level (trends and concepts), meso-level (components of the whole), and micro-level (specific components).

2) Structuring by Process: Alternatively, structure the course content around processes or behaviours.

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6. Design effective and appropriate instructional and assessment strategies for each lesson.

We can design effective and appropriate instructional strategies for each lesson by

  • assessing learners’ current knowledge/skills,
  • communicating objectives clearly,

Outlining achievable goals with measurable results, and considering individual motivations. This ensures that every learning experience within a class includes fun challenges to proactively challenge learners’ thinking without exceeding their levels of skill mastery.

We design instruction by balancing flexibility to meet different readiness levels while still retaining challenging tasks that take into account the overall goals. Constructive feedback is key in shaping how students learn best, which informs both understanding successively more complex topics as well as actively solves previous difficulties encountered.

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