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ADL 511 Engaging Adults for Learning Assignment SUSS Singapore

ADL 511 Engaging Adults for Learning Assignment SUSS Singapore

In this assignment sample, we will be going to discuss the (ADL511) Engaging Adults for learning. ADL511 Engaging Adults for Learning provides students with an overview of the field of adult learning starting from its early beginnings to the modern day. The course explores how adults learn and focus on some essential challenges, where teaching should embrace diversity as well as nurture curiosity and innovation in order to go beyond compliance into an engagement.

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The course’s aim is to make students aware of the key theories related to adult learning and equip them with the relevant skills that are required for teaching adults.

This course is designed to take a critical and analytical approach to adult learning and place it in the wider context of adult education, community-based learning, and lifelong learning.

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At the end of this assignment sample Singaporean students will be able to:

1.Discuss the characteristics of the adult learner

The adult learner has unique characteristics that make them different from older learners. First, adults have a broader range of motivations for pursuing education than their younger counterparts. They can be pursuing education to keep on track with changes in the workforce or profession, or as an extracurricular hobby.

As a result, motivation is often cited as one of the top factors contributing to an individual’s chance for success in higher education (Dalili, 2011). Second, adults are more likely to have family and financial obligations that may limit what type of opportunities they can pursue post-secondary school so it becomes crucial to select structured programs that are flexible and offer shorter class time commitments (Jung-Manual et al., 1986).

2.Critique success factors and limitations in adult learning

Adult learning facilitators should take into consideration that adult learners are unique in their needs, perspectives, and motivations. When facilitating adults to learn something new or applying changes in their behavior, it is important to have the right frame of mind about what they need and be aware of any limitations they might face.

The following are some factors that may affect an adult learner’s ability to retain information: motivation for taking on a topic (supportive environment), readiness for making changes (needs assessment), amount of time devoted to studying or practicing a task (need for schedule flexibility). It is critical before starting any session with a group of adults that you know as much as possible about them so you can set up your session effectively.

3.Compare the related disciplines, namely, distance education and continuing education, to adult education

Distance and continuing education, also known as post-secondary studies, are often confused. Distance learning is when lectures and/or instruction are delivered electronically while continuing education refers to a class taken after the completion of an initial degree program (to earn another degree or certificate).

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Continuing education may be offered in the evenings or weekends for those who already have a full-time job during the day. There are two primary methods of teaching: face-to-face (FOF) where students meet at fixed locations for physical instruction; and online courses which can be accessed remotely from personal computers. It’s difficult to provide universal information about distance learning since programs differ by region and institution.

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4.Appraise the appropriateness of a teaching approach for its intended audience

The most appropriate teaching approach for the intended audience would be a spectrum of learning styles. This way, all learners will be able to learn in a way that is suited to their individual strengths and weaknesses. Thus making the teaching job more agreeable as opposed to launching into one style head-on and leaving many students out on the other end amidst frustration.

A solution for this dilemma could also be offering periodic timeouts where every learner could come up and discuss or draw what they are struggling with at that particular moment, so another student may have an idea on how to show them how to solve it better. Moving towards multimodal instruction can help as well, because not only will you utilize different methods for instruction.

5.Evaluate the success of an adult education course

We can evaluate the success of an adult education course by looking at qualitative and quantitative evaluation. Qualitative evaluation emanates from reflecting on whether both students and faculty had a positive experience engaging in the program, how much of the curriculum was covered during the program, what insights were gained during the courses, and how course-taking related to overall goals. Quantitative analysis can be done through surveys that analyze statistical data.

6.Design an effective and appropriate course with a suitable teaching approach

Students should be aware of the principles of universal design before they start designing a course because they have direct implications for inclusion. In other words, we need to keep in mind how our courses will serve students with varying abilities, what type of modifications in instruction and assessment are necessary for differently-able students, and how (or if) adaptations should be planned during assignments.

For example, it can’t just be wildly assumed that every student has keyboarding skills or that every piece of software is compatible with screen readers or other adaptive technologies such as voice-recognition devices. Keep in mind accommodations for people who use these types of assistive technology must also be available if the modified instructional strategies.

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