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AC2302 Company law & Corporate Governance - NTU Assignment Sample 

AC2302 Company law & Corporate Governance – NTU Assignment Sample 

If you are a legal aspirant and searching for pursuing a course on corporate governance and company law then here comes a golden opportunity by the very famous University situated in Singapore.

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is offering AC2302 Company law & corporate governance course for those who wish to make their career in the field of law.

Student’s performance would be evaluated by final examinations and assessments in the ratio of 60:40. The assessment consists of written assignments, presentations and class participation.

To make students Thorough with the course students are provided with essay writing, corporate governance assignment, report writing, homework, term papers, and research papers as a part of their assessment.

Moreover, students go through a problem of time constraint as they are involved in other curricular activities and part time jobs simultaneously.

Here we are providing a law assignment sample to give basic knowledge to students regarding the topics on which they would be asked to write their assignments.

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About AC2302 company law and corporate governance

Company law is defined as a body of law formed for governing regulations, rules and conduct of businesses, person’s, organizations and companies.

It is also known as corporate law, enterprise law or business law.

Corporate governance is defined as the collection of processes and mechanisms used to control and operate the responsibilities of the participants associated with the organization like auditors, the board of director’s, shareholders, stakeholders and managers.

The Corporate Law defines the activities and formation of corporations whereas corporate governance regulates the interest of various stakeholders in the organization.

Both corporate governance and Company Law directly shape the business process of the organization and how to execute it.

As this course is coupled with various topics related to law and governance students find it a burden to read all this in depth so they go online and search for pay to do assignments or hire someone to do assignments.

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Proposed schedule of the AC2302 course

Here we are providing key points to give an idea to the students required while writing business law assignments.

Topics may include

  • legal nature of Companies
  • company registration
  • shareholders agreement
  • promoter’s contract
  • memorandum
  • articles of association
  • power of the board
  • company management and its decision making
  • corporate contracting
  • corporate governance
  • breach of Duty results
  • About appointment, qualification, remuneration, and removal of company directors.
  • Corporate finance
  • Debt finance
  • Corporate rescue
  • Winding-up
  • Membership and about shares and its interest
  • Company meetings and decision making by its members
  • Defenses in case of breach of duties

While going through the topics included in this sample students might wonder about the learnings they would get in return.

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Educational learning of AC2302 Company law & corporate governance

This course on corporate governance and company law aims to provide knowledge to the students on

  • Understanding of how regulatory and legal mechanism incorporates governance and function in a company’s business environment
  • Understanding substantive and procedural law governing key points  like company formation, corporate insolvency, control organization, corporate rescue, finance and Management
  • Studying about law and its impact on the relationships between corporation’s stakeholders and various groups.
  • Understanding of Corporate insolvency
  • Learning the role of auditors and Legal Experts related to the accounts
  • Knowledge about adjudicatory machinery of organization

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Question 5 what is meant by corporate governance?

Answer corporate governance is defined as the combination of laws, rules and processes by which an organization is regulated, operated and controlled. It includes all internal and external factors that impact the business.

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