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AB0602 Communication Fundamental Strategies NTU Assessment

AB0602 Communication Fundamental Strategies NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) Communication Fundamental Strategy module’s purpose is to make students prepare for the communication challenges in the Global Business Environment.

The ntu AB0602 course will enable candidates to present themselves confidently and professionally.

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The AB0602 Communication Fundamental Strategies module Learning objectives

The NTU Communication Fundamental Strategies course is a Common Core of Nanyang Business School.

On reaching the end of the subject, you will acquire an understanding

 1. To learn communication strategies as required in a business environment

To be able to learn effective strategies will allow communicators to make an intelligent choice about timing, delivery, tone, style, organization, and content of messages. You will study from the AB0602 group work that a technique in strategy is an action plan designed to achieve a vision or goal. For this create an open communication environment and measure engagement metrics.

2. To adapt to effective communication skills to achieve the desired business goals.

Skills are needed to deliver and create persuasive business presentations. Further, it will be required to give constructive feedback and to craft effective written documentation. The fundamental communication skills taught in AB0601 are used in the analysis of various communication contexts as presented in AB0602. It will further enable them to execute the responses and develop appropriate responses convincingly.

3. To further build on various communication theories.

Learning of communication theories will provide a detailed conceptual framework that will guide communication skills and strategy.

The ntu Communication Fundamental Strategies group report includes various communication theories such as behavioral and cognitive theories, functional and structural theories.

4. To understand the method of principled negotiation.

The candidates would get an opportunity to have an understanding of the negotiation principles that are developed and adopted at the Harvard negotiation project. These are to be included in the AB0602 reflection paper.

We will see that principle negotiation focus is mainly on conflict resolution and conflict management.

5. To gain negotiation hands-on experience by engaging in a negotiation simulation.

The participants will be taught how to get engaged in negotiation effectively.

In the Communication Fundamental Strategies elective you will study negative and persuasive messages.

Negotiation simulation would introduce learners to new dispute resolution Strategies, tools, methods and techniques.

6. To get prepared for the communication challenges in the rapidly changing Global Business Environment.

Communication fundamentals acquired from A0601 have resulted in the building of AB0602 on the understanding of communication principles.

The communication challenges include lack of feedback, lack of motivation and barriers such as physical, interpersonal, gender, language, cultural, and perceptual.

7. It will help participants to present themselves professionally and confidently.

The primary objective of the ntu Communication Fundamental Strategies course is to enable students to become confident participants in the chosen profession and to present themselves professionally in the way they write and speak. The presentation seminars will enhance their public speaking, confidence, and they will not hesitate putting their ideas in front of larger audiences.

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8. To deliver and prepare effective business presentations.

The participants will learn how to produce business writing effectively through the AB0602 written assessment.

The students will get an introduction to communication management strategies.

You will get top tips such as connecting with the audience, concentrating on core messages, and focusing on the needs of the audience.

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The Communication Fundamental Strategies course assessment is divided into oral communication, written communication, and negotiation.

The NTU AB0602 oral communication consists of a final presentation of 20, a Group presentation of 10, and class participation of 15 marks.

The written communication comprises a writing test of 25 and a group report of 15 marks.

Finally, the reflection paper of 10 marks comes under negotiation.

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Students are happy and have provided positive feedback on Mass Communication assignment and COM101 principles and practice of communication as their professors are impressed and allocated them good grades.

Frequently asked questions 

Question 1 can I achieve good marks in the AB0602 Communication Fundamental Strategies module?

Answer: to achieve good marks, you must complete an online free course test, presentations, report writing, and post-tests. You are advised to go through NTU past year paper solutions to have an idea about the assessment type.

Also, you must get involved in group work and class participation.

Still, having any doubt? Then go through subject reviews provided online before taking up this course.

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