You have been Asked by Smithson Care Company to Advise Them on Selecting a Graduate: Psychology Assignment, NTU, Singapore

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University Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Subject Psychology

Assignment Brief:

You have been asked by Smithson Care Company to advise them on selecting a Graduate to fill the post of Public Relations and Marketing Assistant. You will design a selection process that will help them select the best candidate. Write a report documenting a selection process that could be used to select this person. You should give evidence of your recommendations.

NB The selection process is not the recruitment process. You should cover only the selection process and that is the process by which decisions on hiring are made. There are no marks for documenting the recruitment process (advertising, etc) although you may want to cover this for the process.

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Your report should cover

  1. The knowledge, skills, attitudes, and other characteristics (KSAOs) you will assess and the methods that will be used to make the selection decision. This section of the report should be no longer than 15% of the report.
  2. Select appropriate methods to evidence the KSAOs
  3. You should justify (not just describe) the methods you have chosen considering reliability, validity, fairness, and utility. There are marks for using these and they are important. Do not miss these out.
  4. You should evidence your report with material drawn from the module and from wider journal articles to support your justifications.
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