University Murdoch University (MU)
Subject PSY391: Individual Differences and Performance


Based on your results from completing the 120-item IPIP (Maples, Guan, Carter, & Miller, 2014) representative of the NEO-PI-R domains of personality, this research assignment asks you to complete a review of your results and their potential implications based on findings from published literature.

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There are three major questions to be answered as part of this assignment.

1. Using your PSY391 peers as a point of comparison, what do your scores on the 120-item IPIP by Maples et al. (2014) suggest about the five major trait domains of your personality? When answering this question, please address the following as part of your answer:

  • Provide a standardised statistical indicator (e.g., a Z score) for each of your five domain scores that allows you to describe how much higher, lower, or approximately average you are on each trait domain in comparison to your PSY391 peers.
  • Based on your IPIP scores, describe what traits for each domain would be more or less characteristic of you in comparison to your peers in the unit.
  • Based on your IPIP scores and their implications for your personality traits described above, how accurately does this correspond with how you see yourself in comparison to your peers? Provide examples for each domain to substantiate your answer.
  • Provide a Figure or Figures in your Appendix that demonstrates the distribution of the PSY391 cohort on each domain, and where your score sits on the distribution for each domain.

2. Based on findings from published academic literature, what do your scores on the five personality trait domains suggest about your predicted academic performance at university? When answering this question, please address the following as part of your answer:

  • Provide a concise summary of the academic literature that has addressed the five personality domains and their expected relationships with tertiary academic performance.
  • Based on your perceptions of your academic performance, do your IPIP results support the predicted relationships between personality traits and academic performance? Provide examples to substantiate your answer to the relevant trait domains.

3. What validity considerations are important when looking at the relationship between your personality domain scores and their predictions about your academic performance? When answering this question, please address the following as part of your answer:

  • What aspects of validity may impede or strengthen the accuracy of your trait domain scores as predictors of academic performance? Provide examples to substantiate how these aspects of validity may be directly relevant to the accuracy of these relationships.
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