PSY391: Based on Average Scores, Which Personality Domain(s) Measured by the IPIP-120: Individual Differences and Performance Assignment, MU, Singapore

University Murdoch University (MU)
Subject PSY391: Individual Differences and Performance

Assignment Details:


1. Based on average scores, which personality domain(s) measured by the IPIP-120 are different between the Singapore and Perth students? Substantiate the magnitude of difference between the personality domain(s) to support your answer. Provide a Figure or Figures in your Appendix to demonstrate the difference(s) in domain scores.

2. For the domain(s) that were different between the cohorts, describe which facets for each domain would, on average, be more or less characteristic of the Singapore students in comparison to the Perth students.

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3. Based on the findings of Poropat (2009), on average, what difference(s) would we predict in tertiary academic performance between Perth and Singapore students enrolled in PSY391?

4. What validity considerations are important when considering the variation in average personality scores between Perth and Singapore PSY391 students, and the predictions for academic performance based on the meta-analysis by Poropat (2009)? When answering this question, please address the following as part of your answer:

  • What aspects of validity may impede or strengthen the accuracy of the trait domain scores as predictors of academic performance? Provide examples to substantiate how these aspects of validity may be directly relevant to the accuracy of these relationships.
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