University Curtin University (CU)
Subject Positive Psychology Intervention

Assignment Brief:

Your assignment is to apply one Positive Psychology Intervention in your life and assess the outcome. You may choose any PPI you would like to try. I would recommend trying one that interests and you like, and also one that isn’t too complicated to administer. Our session in week 8 will be very helpful for this assessment.

See below the main sections that will need to be included within this report;


The abstract is a summary (usually 150 words or fewer) that provides the reader with a summary of what is to come. The abstract should appear on a separate page and should summarize each of the paper’s sections in a sentence or two. The abstract should be comprehensible even if the reader never actually reads the full paper.


The introduction should begin on the page after the abstract, and should not be labeled with a subheading. In the introduction, you provide your reader with information about what question you have tackled (or plan to tackle).

  • You should focus on explaining why the question is important,
  • Describe the theories and data that are relevant to the study.
  • Present the hypothesis that you have tested (or will test) in your study.

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The method section explains how the study was conducted (or how it will be conducted).

  • Participants
  • Materials/resources used in the study,
  • The procedure the participants followed in the study. You should include enough details so that another person could replicate your study without consulting you.

Results/Predicted Results

What did the study discover? This section provides evidence. You are NOT expected to use complicated statistics in this paper (unless you want to). Simply present what difference, if any occurred as a result of doing the PPI. A good approach is a pre-test/post-test analysis. Don’t discuss what this means for your hypothesis at this stage — that comes in the discussion. Simply show what happened before and after implementing the PPI.


In the discussion section, your job is to pull together the results and offer your conclusions.

You can answer questions like: What do these results mean? How do these findings relate to the research you discussed in the introduction? Do they support your hypothesis? How do you explain any discrepancies between your predictions and your findings? What are the implications of your findings? How does what you found to support or contradict established or provisional theories? What are the real-world implications for your findings?

You can also discuss the limitations of your report in this section.

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