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Meaning Of Operating System

The term “OS” stands for an operating system for a computer. The OS is responsible for managing the process of compiling programs, setting up the hardware, and termination of processes.

It also controls the use of specific data stores and the execution of specific commands. It is a collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and renders common services for computer programs.

The operating system is a significant element in a computer system. Application programs usually require an operating system to function.

It plays a crucial role in the computer’s performance, allowing proper hardware to provide adequate performance.

OS takes control over all the activities of a computer system.

The process’ function is run on a timeshare basis thus saving and accessing memory for operational duties.

Most operating systems are called multitasking systems which means multipurpose switch with multiple functions done simultaneously by accepting as many incoming requests coming from software programs for processing as it can along with taking care of any necessary “housekeeping”.

Each request is done as soon as possible otherwise in case it remains blocked answering it would deplete the computer’s memory.

There are many types of operating systems available in the market ranging from mono-tasking or notepad core (a minimal multi-function system) to multipurpose servicing operating systems.

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Types of the operating system explained by our Sg computer professionals

We have handpicked our computer science experts from the top Singaporean universities and are well-adept with all the concepts and different types of the operating systems.

Let us take a read through the various classifications of operating systems:

  • Distributed OS- To serve multiple real-time applications and multiple users, distributed systems use multiple central processors. Our native Singapore assignment writers have helped several scholars, particularly in this domain.
  • Embedded- An embedded operating system is a differentiated operating system for use in the computers built into larger systems as recommended by our operating system assignment help experts.
  • Real-time- An RTOS or real-time operating system assists real-time applications that process information as it comes in, typically without buffering delays. If you find it hard to work on these concepts, then worry no more and contact our computer science proficient writers who can write the best assignment on the operating system.
  • Single-user- A single-user operating system is a system in which only a single user can access the PC at a time.
  • Multi-user- This type of operating system allows access to a single computer by multiple users at the same time.

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Major Operating Systems used in Cyber Security (Examples)

  1. Linux: The world’s most popular open source GNU/Linux operating system carries lot of pre-installed software such as Open Office and It also is used for web server and monitoring purposes. It is more secure as compared to Unix-like OS like Windows as it uses cryptography for securing communications data. Every system feature can be customized utilizing Linux’s complicated configuration file written in a syntax similar to C programming language forcing application developers to write programs with commands instead of domain concepts demands extensive knowledge of assembly or C programming because operating system raises its own GUI application environment on a display hardware platform therefore uses code written in C language instead of C++ assuming system facilities hardware interface calls database. Linux is free and controls all applications written in object-oriented programming thus making its architecture more modular.
  2. BSD: Both UNIX and embedded versions of UNIX little smarter than Linux because of their kernel which is known for specializing operations required by a specific task. It has extended UNIX into 16 general-purpose dialects, each tailored for a specific purpose, with glibc used handle instruction sets techniques, the GNU tools and skilled distributive components written particularly to conclude in user applications such as GUI. Various UNIX distributions bear important features on different verticals while two well known ones are OpenBSD ProFTPd to serve a file system in Linux over TCP/IP, a DNS Server BSD’s X Terminal completely transparent to GUI which is used for virtual host entries in address stocks, communications and designated desktop environment.
  3. Android: Phones started through Android require Google services such as search and Gmail wherever other applications such as texting and email can be acquired through an Android store. It uses its own application store namely the Android Marketplace. It speaks user apps written in Java to find or run on the device following open source Apache Jini virtual machine that search operations using a database of database files for enabling storage of objects called services (transaction files) allowing communication between interprocess database by exchanging services via User Datagram Protocol(UDP).
  4. iOS: iPad ran App developed specifically for ios although it employs UNIX subsystems that allow developers on whatever platform succeed therefore is not compatible with Apple smartphones. It communicates over the Internet using either IPv4 or IP6 packages that provides internet servers using either HTTP1 or HTTP2 for transmission data defined with HTML formatting which makes its programming world more platform independent reducing learning of new languages supporting device access via Dynamic Tasking Library Louspool of run-time libraries making it more intuitive and more pleasant to use on iPad.

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