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The dictionary defines the word ‘nursing’ as the line of work or practice of providing care for the unwell and sick. The person who is involved in this course is termed as a nurse. The history of nursing dates back to the very old times when one took care of the ill, newborn or the sick. It is only with Florence Nightingale did the globe see the appearance of the practice and the term ‘nursing’. But, concepts of modern-day nursing have changed a lot, & the globe witnesses a high demand to study nursing among the scholar.

Nursing is an extremely noble profession basically based on the interest in the health of others. There is a huge demand for well-being personnel and healthcare professionals & paramedical staffs in public in addition to the private sector, including skilled medical staff for residential aged care as in social service. There is a vast demand for medical staff as well as allied medical practitioners such as nurses, therapists, physiotherapists & more.

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Specialties of Nursing:

Apart from the society or public nurses, there are even numerous specialties where nursing people can make their occupation. A few of these specialties comprise:

  • Pediatrics
  • Mental health
  • Women’s health
  • Perioperative nursing (pre-operative)
  • Cardiac nursing
  • Gerontology (Old people)
  • Post-operative nursing

The expert healthcare professionals & nursing staff are necessary to undergo an expert study course that is based on a mix of medical science, medical technology, biology, Theories and Models in addition to administrative programs. These qualified health care professionals, nurses & therapists are capable to find fulfilling careers in aged care centers, current hospitals, public healthcare facilities in addition to private practice and clinical guidance.

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