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With time, the system of education is getting incredibly sophisticated, and for students of Singapore, it is becoming quite confusing to get them completely prepared for the respective academic courses.

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  • Know About C*rtin University: C*rtin Singapore is one of the branch campuses of C*rtin University, Australia. This organization is an Australian University let the local in addition to students of other nationalities to discover Australian education in Singapore.

This academy not only pursue the Australian Curriculum, but the degree is also presented by the C*rtin University, Australia and more it is managed by the Committee for Private Education Singapore (CPE)

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If you are a student of C*rtin university, then you would know that assignments form a big part of your grades.

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  • 087938G Diploma of Arts and Creative Industries
  • 087940C Diploma of Commerce

2 Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Communications

  • B-MASCOMS Journalism and Marketing
  • B-MASCOMS Journalism and Web Media
  • B-MASCOMS Web Media and Marketing

Bachelor of Commerce
Single Major

  • MJRU-ACCTG Accounting
  • MJXU-FINCE Finance
  • MJRU-INBUS International Business
  • MJRU-LGSCM Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MJXU-MNGMT Management
  • MJRU-MRKTG Marketing

Double Major

  • MJDU-ACBNK Accounting and Banking
  • MJDU-ACFNC Accounting and Finance
  • MJDU-BNKFN Banking and Finance
  • MJDU-FNMGT Finance and Management
  • MJDU-FNMKG Finance and Marketing
  • MJDU-LGSCM Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Marketing
  • MJDU-MGHRM Management and Human Resource Management
  • MJDU-MGMKT Management and Marketing
  • MJDU-MKADV Marketing and Advertising

B-NURSCON Bachelor of Science (Nursing)

3 Postgraduate courses


  • MC-INTBUS Master of International Business
  • MC-SCMGMT Master of Supply Chain Management

Health Sciences

  • GC-WOCP Graduate Certificate in Wound, Ostomy and Continence Practice
  • GD-WOCP Graduate Diploma in Wound, Ostomy and Continence Practice
  • MJRP-CLINL Master of Science (Health Practice) Clinical Leadership Major

Science and Engineering
GC-PREDAN Graduate Certificate in Predictive Analytics

Other important courses solutions offered by us:-

  • ACCT1000 the Language of Business
  • ECON1000 Introductory Economics
  • BLAW1004 Business Law
  • IBUS1001 Introduction to Global Business
  • MKTG1000 Discovering Marketing
  • ISYS1000 Introduction to Business Information Systems
  • MGMT1000 Fundamentals of Management
  • FNCE3001 Introduction to Financial Instruments and Markets
  • TAXA2000 Introduction to Australian Tax Law
  • FNCE3004 International Finance

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