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Updated on: 21st Apr 2023

SWK356 Social Work in Healthcare SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

SWK356 Social Work in Healthcare is an undergraduate course that focuses on exploring social work in medical and health settings. Lectures include content on working with patients and communities to improve their healthcare, as well as the structure of different medical field organizations. In addition, students are exposed to a wide range of issues dealing with the psychological and physical impact of illness on individuals and families within a culturally-diverse context.

This course enables students to develop the necessary knowledge they need to be successful healthcare professionals, while also learning how to deal with complex problems in various social service settings. With this comprehensive course, you will gain insight into patient advocacy, ethical issues, communication strategy, and much more!

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Here, we will explain various assignment briefs. These include:

Assignment brief 1: Discuss the ability to practice in a holistic way that prioritizes good outcomes for service users and their families.

Holistic practice focuses on considering the impact a service intervention, be it medical or social, will have on the entire person, including stressors that are sometimes unique to each person as well as their social and family context. Practicing in this way means understanding of how services may not only affect service users but their families as well. If a practitioner fails to consider these other factors, outcomes could be greatly impacted.

By emphasizing outcomes that prioritize good results for both service users and their families, practitioners are better able to arrive at effective solutions for all parties involved, leading to improved mental health outcomes for all.

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Assignment Brief 2: Appraise Singapore’s healthcare philosophy, funding, and service delivery framework including the private, not-for-profit, and voluntary welfare sectors.

Singapore’s healthcare philosophy is to ensure quality and equitable access for all its citizens. This involves a cohesive and collaborative approach to healthcare service delivery, where government-subsidized care is combined with contributions from private providers, the not-for-profit sector, and the voluntary welfare sector.

The government plays an important role in making healthcare affordable by providing generous subsidies for public care, increasing provider reimbursements, setting professional practice standards and providing resources to patient organizations. At the same time, private providers have contributed to enhancing the quality of services as well as widening them beyond basic needs such as primary care to cover areas like specialist services and home nursing care.

While it still remains a challenge to adequately fund these services, Singapore has been successful in leveraging its unique tripartite structure of service delivery enabling it to provide comprehensive care while maintaining the cost of health financing at relatively low levels compared to other developed countries.

Assignment Brief 3: Analyse how socio-economic, cultural, religious, psychological, and demographic factors relate to illness, disease, and disability.

Social and economic circumstances, such as poverty, poor housing and lack of access to healthcare, along with lifestyle factors that are influenced heavily by culture, including dietary habits and physical activity, play a significant role in the incidence and progression of illness, disease, and disability. Moreover, religious views can create a barrier for seeking treatment or health education related to those conditions.

Psychological factors can also exist due to pre-existing mental health issues like anxiety or depression that cause delays in diagnosis and adherence to treatment plans. Finally, population demographics such as age, gender, race and ethnicity have all been associated with an increased risk of certain types of illnesses or disabilities when held up against historical trends observed in specific communities. In sum, these various socio-economic, cultural, religious, psychological and demographic factors all need to be considered when addressing the causes of illness or disability.

Assignment Brief 4: Examine the range of skills needed to work in various healthcare settings.

Working in a healthcare setting requires an individual who is able to adeptly perform numerous tasks and responsibilities. For example, medical providers must possess a high level of technical skill, such as knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology; be proficient in diagnosing illnesses, developing treatment plans, and providing quality care; while also demonstrating strong interpersonal skills to build lasting relationships with their patients.

Registered Nurses (RNs) are required to possess a variety of both clinical and non-clinical skills – such as medication administration, therapeutic communication, health education, documentation and assessment – in order to provide the best patient care possible. Perioperative Nurses take all the same duties as RNs but must also have detailed knowledge of surgical instruments and techniques.

The skilled administrative staff deals with complex medical records processes every day and must be able to assemble data that can help support patient care processes which could mean coordinating billing information or updating demographic details in patient files. Every role has its own mix of skills needed so that together we can ensure quality health care is delivered safely in any health care setting.

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Assignment brief 5: Demonstrate a working knowledge of illnesses, diseases, and disabilities and an ability to engage medical concepts appropriately.

Understanding illnesses, diseases, and disabilities from a medical perspective is essential to providing appropriate care. It involves having a comprehensive understanding of the symptoms, treatment options, any relevant lifestyle considerations, and potential risks.

Equally important is being able to effectively communicate and engage with clients about the medical concept so that they are informed and supported. This requires both active listening and understanding as well as compassion and empathy so that clients can feel safe to ask questions and express their individual needs in regard to the diagnosis or management of illness.

Assignment brief 6: Apply the appropriate ethics and values in working with sick service users and their families.

When working with sick service users and their families, it is essential to exhibit the appropriate ethical values. This includes respecting a person’s right to privacy and confidentiality, being non-discriminatory in all dealings, giving unbiased advice and support, as well as promoting autonomy so that service users have control over their healthcare decisions.

It is also important to recognize and act upon any cultural, religious, or social differences that may be impacting the service user’s experience. This could involve engaging with interpreters, providing translated materials, accessing spiritual care services, and respecting a person’s beliefs and values when delivering healthcare services. Overall, demonstrating the appropriate ethical values will help ensure quality care is provided to all service users and their families.

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