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SWK291 Working With Individuals and Families TMA Assignment Sample

In the emerging technological world, there are students who wish to make their career bright in the field of social work. This is not because they see a better future but several students are keen to help others in different ways. Many such scholars opt for the SWK291 Working With Individuals and Families which gives them an in-depth knowledge of how to develop an affinity with the clients and also some basic skills of interviewing. This course lies under the Social Work Practice and Skills Lab 1.

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It’s not like the students with helping nature only go with social work courses but many go for nursing, healthcare courses, child care courses, etc. too.

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Why study SWK291 Working With Individuals and Families Course?

While several students pursuing the SWK291 SUSS course in the Social Lab and Practice Lab 1, there are some queries raised like- why study the SWK291 course? Or what is the objective of the SUSS SWK291 course?

The major aim of introducing the SWK291 course in the education curriculum of SUSS university is to equip the students with different models, clients’ relationships, interviewing skills, etc.

This course focuses on preparing the students with effective competence in dealing with individuals, families, groups, and to analyze the issues, and relevant experiences of the people. This course enables the students to utilize their potent skills to interview individuals and families.

What do students learn from SUSS SWK291 Course?

The students in the very first practice and skills lab are exposed to the understanding of strengths-based, planned change, generalist practice model. This practice model embraces some steps:

  • Engagement
  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • implementation/ Intervention
  • Evaluation
  • Termination

The students mainly learn how to build professional relationships with clients. Also, they will learn the primary interviewing aptitudes.

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In addition to that, tutorial sessions will be provided that will serve as a skills laboratory. These skill labs will train the students about how they can apply the practice models into real practice with individuals and families from diverse backgrounds.

The students get to understand how they can work through role-playing, observations, audiovisuals, and case studies.

Topics in SUSS SWK291 Working With Individuals and Families Course

The SUSS Social Work Practice and Skills Lab 1: Working With Individuals and Families (SWK291) course drill the Singaporean scholars with effective knowledge and understanding of dealing with people with different walks of life.

Here are the main topics that the SUSS SWK291 course teaches: –

  • Generalist practice
  • Empowerment and strengths-based practice
  • The professional social worker-client relationship
  • Theories of direct practice
  • Basic interviewing skills
  • Self-awareness and cultural context of practice
  • Pitfalls in interviewing
  • Assessing families
  • Assessing individuals: process and tools
  • Contracting and planning
  • Intervention with individuals
  • Knowledge and skills for evaluation: record keeping
  • Knowledge and skills for termination: Ethics in social work.

Educational Owtgrowth of SUSS SWK391 Course

Pursuing the SWK391 course means an opportunity to learn a lot.

This can be understood by the following learning outcomes of SUSS SWK391 course: –

  • Exhibit the initiatory self-awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Acknowledge the potential to assist or hurt clients
  • Address personal issues of grief and loss
  • Identify transference and counter-transference
  • Exemplify basic interviewing skills
  • Demonstrate relationship-building skills with individuals and families
  • Examine individuals and families in a holistic manner in reference to the blend of awareness of biological, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual influences on behaviours
  • Evaluate the risks in individuals and families facing issues like- suicide, abuse, addictions, & post-traumatic stress.
  • Describe the position of advocacy in generalist practice

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