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Sustainable Transport System in Singapore Essay Sample

Sustainable Transport System in Singapore Essay Sample

This is an essay sample of the sustainable transport system in Singapore. Here we are explaining an overview of the sustainable transportation system, Limitations of the Singapore Sustainable transport system, Challenges to the implementation of any form of widespread use in Sustainable transport systems, Types of sustainable transport systems used in Singapore, and their Transport sustainability issues in Singapore, etc.

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Introduction- Sustainable Transport System in Singapore Essay 

The need for a sustainable transport system has been felt by Singaporeans as they continue to see the rise of cars and with it its problems such as air pollution and traffic jams. The Singapore government has come up with a sustainable transport price that will be implemented in 2020. It seeks to promote walking or cycling instead of driving, reduce the use of private cars, make public transportation more efficient and affordable, encourage car-pooling or ride-sharing services.

Main Body- Sustainable Transport System in Singapore Essay

 Overview of Sustainable Transportation System in Singapore

Singapore has made excellent progress in developing a sustainable transport system. There are nearly 50,000 electric vehicles used in Singapore already, so the country is well on its way to meeting its target of having nothing but electric cars by 2030.

There are also two MRT lines being constructed, which will be important for alleviating our dependency on oil-powered transportation (48% of all electricity used in Singapore is generated from natural gas). There are even plans to build an underwater rail tunnel connecting Malaysia and Singapore. An idea imagines travel time between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore would only take 90 minutes via this mode of transportation!

The government encourages pedestrians people who use bicycles or scooters to represent close to 20% of the population. In fact, there are over a hundred bicycle sharing stations just in the city center alone.

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Limitations of Singapore Sustainable transport system

The Sustainable Transport System (STS) in Singapore has many limitations. Physical barriers exist which restrict the STS to certain neighborhoods and there is virtually no public transport system past the border of these neighborhoods.

Furthermore, car ownership is not required as it automatically depletes Singaporeans’ income due to said limitations. There are also limits pertaining to the range of fuel options which each City has with some Cities only offering hydrogen-fuelled vehicles, while others only offer electric cars, etcetera. Lastly, one cannot rely on an individual’s choice for sustainable transport but must often depend on the state or private sector for assistance in this area instead.

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Challenges of Singapore Sustainable transport system

Sustainable transport is a developing research issue. Challenges to the implementation of any form of widespread use include:

  • Financial cost -The necessity for funds and investments.
  • Physical space for construction and implementation.
  • Lack of educated planners, designers, architects, and engineers on sustainability.

It’s important that policymakers recognize that sustainable strategy requires careful consideration of those factors before investing in anything. Planning is driven by easy solutions that only perpetuate the problem and quickly leads to an unsustainable process and outcome. It’s time we embrace more creativity, transparency, and accountability in our decisions as we work together towards a more sustainable transit future.

Types of Sustainable Transport System in Singapore

Sustainable Transport Systems in Singapore fall into two categories, namely Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Public Buses. The MRT is Singapore’s oldest of their Sustainable Transit System which is costing 50 cents per ride for adults and 20 cents for children, senior citizens, the disabled, and full-time students aged 13 to 17 years old.

The ongoing construction of the Downtown Line will make it completely underground meaning that it will be closed off from street level making the surrounding land available on both sides of the line for commercial activities.

Public bus systems are always available like yellow buses which one buys tickets at a kiosk or counter alone with red buses where passengers buy tickets before entering the bus departure zone after paying cash at ticket machines.

New forms of sustainable transport are being developed all the time, especially in Singapore where it is required that new buildings have an option to connect to these systems. This means that there could be a number of additional Sustainable Transport Systems which can be introduced but will need more work for consideration by policymakers and planners before implementation begins.

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In what ways can Singapore achieve sustainable transport?

Singapore’s transport system is currently recovering from a recent massive expansion when in 2013 they built a 34-km underground MRT train system. The city has created a framework for sustainable transport. It has the largest transit mix in the world, with eight different means of transport including buses, taxis, car-sharing, and pedestrian zones.

Singapore’s strategy to reduce CO2 emissions will require forward-thinking leadership and continuous public participation. In order for Singaporeans to be truly committed to developing strategies that protect their environment for future generations, City planners must listen carefully to the voices of the population being most deeply impacted by climate change events those living in slums lacking basic electrical needs or residing on top floors of old buildings with air conditioning units vulnerable to natural disasters.

Singapore’s commitment to sustainable transport should be further strengthened by integrating green technologies into their daily lives through strategies such as the use of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles, while others only offer electric cars, etcetera. Lastly, one cannot rely on an individual’s choice for sustainable transport but must often depend on the government who will be funding the infrastructure and its implementation.

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Transport sustainability issues in Singapore

In Singapore, Transport accounts for 62% of energy consumption and 36% of Carbon dioxide emissions.

In recent years, the need to improve sustainability in the transport sector in Singapore has been intensified by a population increase.

Singapore plans to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels for public transportation by relying more on electric buses and cars instead. This will reduce vehicle emissions significantly according to a study done in 2017 that stated they would be reduced by 74%. Another measure they are considering is implementing congestion pricing from 2020. This would discourage people from driving which causes traffic jams.

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The Sustainable Transport System in Singapore is a great example of what other countries can do to make their city more sustainable. This conclusion will explore how the system works, limitations that have been found when implementing it, challenges faced with any form of widespread use and types used in Singapore. We hope you enjoyed reading about this topic!

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