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Social psychology is a scientific study of people or any individual in a society. This is all about knowing other’s perceptions and their behavior. The craze of such social psychology studies in the educational arena has been covered in those subjects/ courses that attract the attention and enthusiasm of the Singaporean students.

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This is why in the era of computer science and information technology, several students in Singapore opt for an educational program having social psychology as a major or a subpart of the course. But, along with this virtuous study program, Singaporean students also get various tasks of preparing social psychology assignments or social psychology essay writing.

Several students find it a bit difficult to write a fine essay on social psychology so they look for some psychology essay samples to get an idea for writing their own. Many seek online help for writing essays for their coursework.

So, all the scholars who are facing any kind of difficulty in preparing their social psychology essay can go through the following social psychology essay example written by the top professional essay writers of Singapore. Here we are going to discuss and gain the primary knowledge for social psychology and guidance for writing an essay.

Introduction to Social Psychology

Social psychology is the science of how people think, feel, believe, intend when they are around people. It a kind of scientific study which deals with the behavior of an individual in society. It can also be defined as the discipline of psychology which includes studying the nature of an individual based on the influence of the imagined, actual, and implicit presence of a human being.

Social psychology is not a short but a broad range of social topics like

  • Group behavior
  • Social perception
  • Non-verbal behavior
  • Prejudice or aggression
  • Conformity

The cloak of social psychology covers an extensive facet of social discernment, social communications, and many other social forces in order to comprehend social behavior.

Historical background of social psychology

Kurt Lewin, who was an early leader of group dynamic research is considered the father of social psychology. In the late 1800s, concepts like social facilitation and social loafing were in the trend but social psychology had not been introduced till the second world war.

Somehow, the issues had been raised and the concept of social psychology was introduced in the United State in the 20th century. Many types of research have been carried out on this discipline in the 20th century and in 1970 it faced a lot of crisis as well.

After long hardships, a mature level of acceptance of social psychology occurred in 1980 & 1990. There might be a variety of social psychology essay topics if the history of social psychology is added, it will exhibit a better perspective on your essay.

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Social Psychology as a science

Social psychology is regarded as a scientific study or a kind of science which deals with human behavior. But, here the issue that arises is that not any study or subject can be considered equivalent to science just on the basis of the subject matter.

As the significance of science is to its methods but not the subject matter, similarly, in order to gain the parity of science, a field should have similar steps of methods. As social psychology comprises this feature, it is considered as a science, and social cognition, attribution, and self-concept, etc are regarded as a scientific study.

Here are the major steps of scientific methods which are also followed by social psychology

  • Observation
  • Recording
  • Classification
  • Generalization
  • Verification

Major cynosures of social psychology

Social need is one of the primary needs of an individual to live life. It has become a crucial part of livelihood. An individual cannot live without socially iterating with others. Everyone has to go with social relationships with the world.

So, here one should comprehend that there are some focuses of social psychology too. No matter what kind of social psychology topics you get, you should always remember the basics i.e. what the field emphasizes. The basic things should always be covered in a fine social psychology analysis essay.

Here are the major social psychology focuses

  • How people think about
  • Influence
  • And relate to one another

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