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Research for the Social and Behavioral Sciences

Social and behavioral sciences have played a great role in the development of society. Moreover, these sciences help us understand our societies and ourselves better and improve on them. Adding to that, data gained from the research also helps us fight social and individual illnesses. As such, we should know what is a method of research used in social and behavioral sciences.

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Nevertheless, in this sample essay, we shall discuss the very same topic of research for social and behavioral science. Moreover, in this sample essay, we will be covering the following topics: what is social and behavioral science research, the importance of social science research, and the methods of research used.

What is Social and Behavioral Sciences Research?

The term social in social and behavioral science refers to how people interact with each other in social structures. Moreover, these social structures include small or big groups, families, communities, as well as society, and the whole population for that matter. On the other hand, the term behavior can be related to a lot of things. However, here it refers to what people do, and why they do it. Moreover, it includes psychological and cognitive processes.

Nevertheless, social and behavioral research helps us predict, manage and prevent illnesses. This is applied to an individual and also society as a whole. Moreover, it let us understand the behavior of society better and Laos provides treatment to people suffering from behavioral problems.

Importance of research in social and behavioral science

A large number of people around the world suffer from unhealthy behaviors. It includes smoking, drinking, drug or substance abuse, inactivity, poor diet, and so on. Moreover, these things give rise to several harmful and even life-threatening health conditions.

Collectively, these behavioral conditions cause more than 20% of all death around the globe. Nevertheless, today social and behavioral science research is more advance than ever. As a result, the number of cases is decreasing. The data from research helps develop better treatment methods and processes.

Regardless, some areas that are covered under this field are as given below:

  • Obesity
  • Addiction
  • Heart Disease
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Mental Illness

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The methods of research in social and behavioral sciences

Naturally, Behavioral and social sciences research employs a range of methods. In order, to understand how one or a group behaves researchers have to use a variety of methods. Nevertheless, in this section of the paragraph, we shall discuss the same.

Below are the methods used in social and behavioral research:

Real-Time Data

Real-time data in this case refers to studying people where they are in real-life situations. Moreover, researchers use a method called Ecological momentary assessment or EMA. This method also scientist to collect real-time data of an individual’s regular life under the period of observation.

Furthermore, this technique is important as it does not rely on irrelevant data or data from untrusted sources as a result data is more accurate.

Community-Based Participatory Research

As we know, in today’s time multiple communities live together. As a result, the same message transmitted to the population may carry different meanings due to the language barrier. To prevent this, researchers collaborate with community members and are better informed and learn the differences between the communities. Moreover, this helps in improved delivery of information throughout the population.

Sociocultural Approaches

Scientists often use sociocultural approaches in their research of social and behavioral science. As a result, a scientist has devised better and more effective prevention and treatment for diseases. Moreover, using an evidence-based understanding of factors like behavior, society, and cultural factors helps in better treatment and prevention of problems like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, the approach also including studying stigma and motives for behavior change.

Genome Scans

Researchers work with a geneticist to understand the relationship between genes and lifestyle, as both of these factors contribute to our health and psychology. Moreover, it helps identify risk factors that are key to effective intervention.

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