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Updated on: 23rd Sep 2021

Singapore Smart Nation essay

This essay sample is on Singapore Smart Nation for Singapore students. Here we will cover the Singapore smart nation vision, How did Singapore become a Smart Nation?, Singapore smart nation goals
Singapore smart nation plan, What is Singapore expected to do as a Smart Nation?, Smart Nation Initiative, Singapore Smart Nation surveillance, Singapore smart nation challenges, etc.

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Introduction- Singapore Smart Nation Essay 

Here, we shall be looking at one of the most anticipated projects of the Singapore city-state. Namely, the “smart nation”. Now, one can guess what it is about just by a look at the name. We will be discussing this master plan of the Singapore city-state. As the topic of discussion in this sample essay is “Singapore Smart city”.

Moreover, this is quite an important topic for students. For the same reason, we shall be dividing the essay into different sections. This will help readers understand the essay easier and better. In addition to that, we shall provide all the necessary information related to the topic.

Therefore, we shall start our sample essay with the definition of a “Smart Nation”. Reason being that it is important to understand before moving the topic itself. Thus, without further adieu, it is the following:

Main body- Singapore Smart Nation Essay 

Singapore smart nation vision

The Singapore government has launched a new initiative to make the country “smart.” The Smart Nation project will involve purchasing services from technology startups instead of offering grants, and they plan on spending $2.4 billion in support for this endeavor during 2017’s financial year alone!

In order to develop open data portals such as Data.govSg – which enables public transport networks enhanced so that we can all get around easier more efficiently; have seamless aging care systems ready when our parents start living by themselves without needing help frequently because then there would be no one left looking after them properly anymore and create an environment where everyone feels safe while also being able to access any information about himself remotely if necessary.

The Smart Nation Sensor Platform is an interconnected network of 110,000 lamp posts with wireless sensors that will collate data for urban and operational planning, maintenance, etc. The former civil servant Peter Ong explained this “encompasses hardware like lamp-posts and public cameras as well as software enabling sensor exchange.”

How did Singapore become a Smart Nation?

Singapore emerged top in the 2017 Global Smart City Performance Index by Juniper Research and Intel. The ranking is based on four key areas: mobility, healthcare, public safety & productivity; Singapore came out tops with its integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and connected services.

Singapore smart nation goals

Singapore’s Smart Nation goals are Digital Economy, Digital Government, and Society. With an emphasis on the people of Singapore as well companies that operate in this country or have ties there; it is our responsibility to make sure they can be prepared for what’s coming next at home and abroad with the digital age quickly approaching us all equally fast.

Singapore smart nation plan

The smart nation plan was announced by the Singapore city-state in the year 2014. Plan mainly to the next phase of nationwide development. Singapore aims to reinforce and build a digital economy, digital government, as well as Digital society. Thus, it includes all of the industries, businesses, government agencies, and firms as well.

Furthermore, this nationwide transformation is aided by national initiatives and projects. These cover that fields like digital infrastructure and delivery of services include public, private, as well as people sectors. The major areas that must transform in order to become a smart nation include health, transport, urban solutions, finance, and education. Moving on, we shall be looking at some of the initiatives by the government of Singapore in the next section of the sample essay.

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Smart Nation Initiative

The Singapore government has already started its journey towards becoming a smart nation. In fact, Singapore is ranked 1st as the world’s smartest city. These initiatives have helped Singapore come this far. Thus, one can say that these schemes and projects cover various aspects. We shall be looking at these smart nation initiatives in this section.

Moving on, these are the following:

  • National digital identity or NDi
  • E-Payments – the Singapore Quick Response (SGQR)
  • Smart Nation Sensor Platform
  • Smart Urban Mobility
  • Moments of Life

Singapore Smart Nation surveillance

With the implementation of Smart Nation initiatives, there are new concerns raised by security experts that LaaP with its extensive facial recognition technology could undermine individual privacy. There were also worries about mass surveillance and how individuals will be expected to interact in this environment where their every move is being monitored both publicly and privately via “self-surveillance,” self-monitoring etceteras. A general aversion towards risk might result if we all start expecting Big Brother’s intrusion into our lives at just about any moment!

The new Public Sector (Governance) Act, passed in January 2018 and designed to clarify when data sharing can occur across government agencies, as well as who should be responsible for requests or the sharing of information. The law also criminalizes improper use of personal details without express authorization which could include anything from selling somebody’s records on resale sites like eBay while they’re still living– something I don’t think would ever happen but hey you never know!–to using it oneself beyond what is necessary because now we have ways around them!

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Singapore smart nation challenges

Everything innovative in nature has to face some challenges. Similarly, Singapore’s smart nation plan has some obstacles too. Here, we shall be looking at these challenges. Thus, these challenges are, as mentioned below:

  • Advancement in technology doesn’t always translate to better living standards
  • The complexity of smart nation metrics
  • Cyber-security risks and compromise with the privacy
  • Issues related to data heterogeneity
  • Amount of data involved
  • Lack of required technology to execute the plan

So, these are some of the challenges related to a smart nation plan.


Singapore is a country that has already done well in the global economy. With an ambitious vision for the future, it hopes to become one of the most connected countries in Asia by 2020. The Smart Nation initiative will help create new economic opportunities and improve the quality of life all around Singapore. To me, this sounds like a great way to make my home country even better!

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