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SCO101 TMA: Why Do Good Assignment Sample SUSS, Singapore

A question generally arises in everyone’s mind that “Why Do Good?” or “Why should we do good deeds?”. There is no specific answer to such questions because it is completely a psychology-based question thus, the answers to these doubts may vary from one person to another. In order to find the answer and understand the rules or standards to classify something into a good or bad category, students pursue a relevant course. This course is SCO101 Why DO Good?.

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The course SCO101 Why Do Good? course is offered a Singapore University of Social Sciences to enhance the students’ knowledge and understanding of good and bad, moral ethics, etc. Besides, such a great course doesn’t come alone with just some pieces of information but also brings a number of SUSS assignments with it. Hence, the students along with the profound knowledge also get SCO101 Why Do Good Assignment with a strict deadline of submission from the tutor. So, they need to complete all the writing tasks by studying various SCO101 Why Do Good Assignment Samples and also have to give an online exam which is named as timed online assignment.

Objective of SCO101 Why Do Good Course

The SUSS course SCO101 is a modular undergraduate course that aims to familiarize the students with the appropriate theories and concepts to understand the base of thinking about right or wrong. This course focuses on making the students informed with the ground of how we think what is right or wrong and what are the reasons behind our doing or not doing good.

This course will mainly equip the students with the understanding of distinguishing between rights, duties, liabilities, and obligations, etc.

This will aim to extend the views from the viewpoint of ethical theory (e.g., utilitarianism) to a single issue (e.g., famine relief).

Also, the SCO101 course is one of the most selected courses by several Singaporean students of SUSS. This course inspects the interaction between individuals and between societies.

Why doing good is important?

Doing or not doing good totally depends on the person. The standards for evaluating something as a good thing or bad rely upon the thinking of the person. The categorization is done according to moral implications.

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In every act one does only that what he feels is right. For example, Ana is having some issues while preparing her presentation. Sam noticed that and understood the issue, and thus, he helped her out and made her finish the presentation on time. So, here Sam is a good person. Sam did what was right.

But majorly, the question arises is, why one should do only right? Why should I act rightly?

Everyone feels that what he acted was right. Acting rightly is a matter of acting right. One may get diverse answers to this question, but there is a sense behind it.

Here we can respond like, we should do good because it’s good to do good and we should be good. Simply put, it shows a concept of “goodness” or “rightness” that cannot be analyzed into more basic components.

Also, doing good is important as the consequences of doing good are more advantageous than not doing good. Besides, this can be noticed in every situation no matter how we decipher “being good”. Everyone’s definition of being good can vary i.e. for children, being good is obeying elders, whereas helping others or maintaining a peaceful relationship can be said as good by elders.

What topics Does the SCO101 Why Do Good Course Include?

As the SUSS SCO101 course makes the students mindful of various aspects of ethics, duties, and good & bad things, etc. it also includes some respectable topics.

The main topics which the Singaporean students get to learn in SUSS SCO101 course are: –

  • Moral Dilemmas
  • Deontology
  • Common Concepts in Moral Discourse
  • Banal Evil
  • Utilitarianism and Effective Altruism
  • Ethical theories
  • Case Studies

Learning upshots of the SCO101 SUSS course

Students get to learn a lot from the SUSS SCO101 course and compare good and bad deeds. They get to understand that the classification of good and bad works is based on thinking, perspective towards the world, experience, and many other things.

The excellent educational upshots of the SUSS SCO101 course are as follows: –

  • Identify ethical considerations
  • Discuss the idea of how we should think about ethical issues
  • Discuss the real-world issues by taking the ethical theories under consideration
  • Exhibit ethical reasoning in personal responses
  • Address constraints of each ethical position
  • Submit ethical case studies

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