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PSY355 Psychology of Creativity SUSS TMA Assignment Sample

Living a creative life would be one of the best ways to live it to the fullest. Being creative or adopting a creative standard of living can help us to tackle every problem and challenge while enabling us to live a deep and meaningful life. In order to apprise the Singaporean students with an intense understanding of how to develop the creative potential to the fullest, Singapore University of Social Sciences introduces a course namely PSY355 Psychology of Creativity.

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The SUSS PSY355 course explains all the concepts of working of the problem-solving process and how to produce a creative product. Besides gaining this strong knowledge, students also come across various PSY355 Psychology of Creativity SUSS TMA assignment samples so that they can effectively complete their group-based assignments while making splendid papers of TMA too.

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Aim of PSY355 Psychology of Creativity Course

SUSS PSY355 course aims to familiarize the students with the importance of living life with creative methods along with the skills of how to achieve such life. The students will comprehend how the problem-solving process runs in order to design and develop a creative product.

This course will let the students know how the development of a creative personality is affected by the social environment.

The PSY355 SUSS course targets to equip the SG students with a psychological insight into their creative strengths and weaknesses.

How Can One Be More creative?

One can get creative ideas in various ways. Following are the methods by which one can develop some creativity in his action and make life easier: –

  • Go for a walk
  • Reward yourself
  • Surround yourself with inspiration
  • Create some psychological distance
  • Create restrictions to utilize some obvious solutions rather find something new and ingenious
  • Daydreaming
  • Re-Conceptualize the Problem
  • Get emotional
  • Meditate
  • Surround yourself with blue color

What’s inside the SUSS PSY355 Course

The SUSS Psychology of Creativity course is full of profound knowledge and skills explaining how one can have a comfortable way of living by the aid of creative solutions. This course explains to the students that although everyone’s life is busy and not easy to engage in creative behavior due to various reasons. All that needs to get out of our comfort zone. All need to make a way out of the social constraints and do things in a creative manner.

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This course explains the concepts of creativity by giving adequate real-world examples and from Albert Einstein to Vincent van Gogh, and also gives various findings, theories, and controversies to familiarize the students with the fascinating world of creativity.

Moreover, the students will also learn how the psychologists define, measure, and conduct the research on creativity.

Framework of SUSS PSY355 Psychology of Creativity Course

The course structure of PSY355 SUSS course comprises of various topics which enable the students to understand what creativity is and how it can be applied in our daily life. They will get to learn the problem-solving process which assists one to address all intricate situations and problems.

The core topics of SUSS PSY355 Psychology of Creativity course are as follows: –

  • What is creativity?
  • From individual to group creativity
  • Nature and nurture of creativity
  • Fostering creativity in the classroom and workplace
  • Culture & creativity
  • Mood, madness & creativity

Educational Upshots of PSY355 SUSS Course

By the end of the SUSS PSY355 course, the students will have a sound understanding of creativity from the perspective of an individual, group as well as cross-cultural outlook too. The brilliant course acquaints the students with many more skills and knowledge.

Here are some of the great learning outcomes of the SUSS PSY355 course: –

  • Contrast between various theories/models/research approaches in creativity
  • Explain the various key questions & controversies of creativity in the modern world
  • Formulate creative solutions for every problem or challenge employing creative problem-solving process
  • Discuss how creativity gets affected by the social environment
  • Denounce the different methods of measuring and studying creativity
  • Suggest some strategies to promote creativity at home/school/work

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