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Updated on: 20th Apr 2023

MTD309 Advanced Audio Music Technology SUSS Assignment Sample

MTD309 Advanced Audio Music Technology course is an ideal learning opportunity for those passionate about a career in music production. With the help of modern technology and skills taught by experienced instructors, learners can understand essential techniques to compose their own music with dynamics and precision.

This course will also educate participants on effective sequencing and sequencing software to achieve musical ends, as well as creative audio manipulation. MTD309 encourages lively discussion in order to build your skillsets and to ensure that you thoroughly understand the material covered. It provides a great foundation for those wanting to pursue a professional or recreational career in audio-music technology.

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Within this section, we will explore a few assignment tasks, namely:

Assignment Task 1: Apply knowledge of basic music theory to write MIDI-enabled musical score sheets produced by software in the Digital Audio Workstation.

Working with Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software to create a musical score requires an understanding of the basics of music theory. Knowing the fundamentals, such as melodic form, meter and rhythm, harmonic intervals and key changes allows you to craft the desired arrangement quickly and accurately. Having an ear for pitch synergy is also essential when manipulating sound samples to produce an interesting mix. When MIDI is enabled in our musical worksheets, we are able to control the composition with precise timing and complexity. Finally, we should remember that with creativity at its core, music production offers unlimited potential unleashed through knowledge of basic music theory.

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Assignment Task 2: Discuss fundamental technical concepts used in Audio Music Technology.

Audio Music Technology involves working with the sound wave to create and manipulate music. Understanding fundamental technical concepts is key to success in this exciting field. Everything from frequency, amplitude, waveform, distortion, and a host of other concepts like attack time, decay rate, or stereo imaging used in professional mixing requires an understanding of basic audio engineering principles. To list every component would take pages since it is a very complex subject.

A user must be comfortable with concepts such as sampling rates and bit-depth — how much data is used to capture a sample — to handle sound recordings properly. Plug-ins such as compressors or equalizers come into play both when recording and post-production in order to control the dynamic range and ambiance of the mix. An engineer must be able to honestly assess the end result of their work while navigating these digital tools successfully and efficiently managing their computer’s resources before mixing down into a final product that fulfills the client’s vision according to industry standards required by digital distribution services like Apple’s iTunes or streaming platforms like Spotify.

Assignment Task 3: Appraise the performance of MIDI-enabled (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Digital Audio Workstation technology.

MIDI-enabled Digital Audio Workstation technology offers a versatile and user-friendly experience, enabling composers and producers to create music without the need for external instruments. It allows users to easily switch between various types of musical instruments, as well as allows them to mix and match different sounds with great precision and accuracy. MIDI also makes it easier to create stylistic variations in a track, by giving users access to thousands of loops and samples. Additionally, MIDI technology is highly compatible with other music production software programs, making it easy for producers to record their own original works in high-fidelity audio. In terms of value for money, a premium performance MIDI setup certainly delivers quality results at an affordable price point.

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Assignment Task 4: Experiment with computer software to compose and accurately transcribe recorded music to generate MIDI-enabled musical score sheets.

Taking your musical compositions to the next level is now easier than ever before with computer software that can accurately transcribe recordings into MIDI-enabled music score sheets. No longer will you have to go through tedious and time-consuming manual transcription processes; problems such as notating for instruments in different ranges can be handled effortlessly. Step into the world of modern music production and learn how experimenting with the latest computer software can quickly enhance your compositional workflow and result in perfectly transcribed scores every time.

Assignment Task 5: Create with computer software the sounds of musical instruments (e.g., string instruments, wind instruments, percussive instruments, singing human voice, etc.) to the notes of the MIDI-enabled musical score sheets.

Using computer software to create sounds of musical instruments on MIDI-enabled musical score sheets is a great way to produce professional-sounding music. By leveraging the power of technology, these tools allow musicians to compose and arrange pieces that incorporate a wide range of instrumental sounds, from the delicate strings of violins to the powerful rumble of drums. More specifically, an artist can work with synchronized note information captured via MIDI cables to accurately generate any type of sound directly into a sequence arranged on the composition itself. The power of this technique thus allows musicians and composers alike to develop complex tunes with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Assignment Task 6: Compose computer music according to a set theme.

Creating computer music according to a set theme can be an incredibly rewarding experience, allowing one to express themselves creatively and flex their musical muscles. Whether it’s for a school project, video game soundtrack, or even just for fun, music composed on the computer requires technical know-how paired with creative flair. With software enabling users to mix together synthesized sounds from plugins, drum loops, samples, and vocals as well as flexible MIDI sequencing tools and powerful synthesizers, anyone with the necessary skills can craft unique masterpieces within the chosen theme.

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