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The Kampung Admiralty Essay Sample

This is a sample essay on the topic of the Kampung admiralty of Singapore.

Today we are going to discuss the world-renowned Kampung Admiralty of Singapore. The project is a public housing scheme, which was ordered by the Housing and development board of Singapore in 2013 and finished in 2017.

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In this essay we will see, how the housing is planned, the authorities involved in the development, the honors presented and the awards won by the kampong admiralty and at the end, we will see if it really fulfills the goal.

Nevertheless, let us look at the authorities who were involved in it and its main goal first.
The makers and the goal

The authorities involved  in  the project and goal

This Kampung Admiralty is a public housing project by the housing and development board or HDB of Singapore. The project was handled by the WOHA architects, who are a renowned architectural organization based in Singapore.

Moving on, there were various government authorities involved in the project which we will name below.

  • Housing and development board of Singapore
  • Ministry of Health, Singapore
  • Yishun health campus or YHC
  • National environmental agency of Singapore
  • National parks boards of Singapore
  • Land transport authority
  • Early childhood development agency

Now that we named all the agencies and authorities involved in the making of Kampung we shall discuss its main objective.

As we mentioned earlier the kampong project is a public housing project, not a private building. However, the primary objective for which the project was introduced is housing for an aging population, more specifically people of age 55 or older; as a retirement complex.

Furthermore, the goal was to make a place where the elderly could live their lives in peace and not being forced to feel isolated while doing so. The exact specifics of how it is done will be discussed in the next part of the article.

The make

Here we will discuss how the project is arranged, the facilities and amenities of the housing. We will also look at the area and architect of the building and how many people it can house with its other care and community features.

Later on, we will gaze upon the cost of leashing this dream-complex. Starting from the very basic, this first-of-the-kind project is spread across the tight stretch of landing measuring 0.9ha and the vertical “village” rises up to 45 meters in height.

On top of that, the complex contains 11 stories of the various purposed areas including commerce, wellness, food, community spaces, and living areas.
The complex is divided into three parts which are

  • Lower stratum
  • Middle stratum
  • Upper stratum

In next paragraph, we shall discuss each stratum briefly. Starting from

Lower stratum

The lower portion or stratum of kampong Admiralty consists of a community plaza which is large enough to fit more than the entire population of the complex, the commercial area, and last but not least the Hawker plaza located on the second level or story of the complex with a capacity of 900 seats.

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Middle stratum

The middle section of the building contains medical centers and various other health and wellness amenities ranging from early childhood care to old-age care.

Upper stratum

The upper part of the vertical village contains a community “living area”, active aging hub, and childcare hub.

As a result, the living space is also in the upper stratum of the building which consists of 2 complexes contains 100 studio apartments. Another major highlight of this top portion of this heaven on earth is its 9th story garden resulting in more than 100% carbon footprint.

Therefore, these were the boom like facilities of the vertical village. You must be wondering why it is called the vertical village. Well, firstly it is because the word kampong literally translates to “village” and second because of the kampong spirit of the residents who live in harmony with one another similar to one shared between close bonded people of a village.

Nevertheless, let us see what does it costs to live in the Kampung admiralty. Since it was aimed at public housing, it costs around 100,000 Singaporean dollars for leashing the most popular studio apartment.


In 2018 the kampong admiralty won the world-building of the year at the 2018 world architectural festival beating more than 530 participants from 57 countries. This award is considered one of the most prestigious awards of the architectural world.

However, this is not the only award won by the mesmerizing project. It won the award of a best commercial mixed-use future project in 2016 and the international chapter architectural award for commendation for commercial architecture.

Furthermore, let us see to our final question. If the project was really successful?

Did it fulfill the goal?

The answer to this question is a very big YES!. The project was so successful that the government ordered nine more similar projects to be made.  If the awards don’t say it all and the happiness of people most certainly does.

Furthermore, we discussed almost each and every aspect of the kampong admiralty and it excels in each of those. It was a first of its kind project but still didn’t fail to perform and became an example for people around the world.

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