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Introduction to Mental Health Essay

The term mental health is commonly used these days. Many institutions in Singapore are studying its root causes, conditions, and how to treat them. Not only students but even adults are also at risk. Mental health can adversely affect a person’s daily living, physical health, and relationships.

Many educational institutions in Singapore have included this topic in their curriculum and provide assignments to the students to make them aware of mental health. This article on mental health is an insight into the determinants and the significance of Mental Health. Even after going through this if you find problems in writing on mental health then, there are Health Care assignment helpers who would help you in making your assignments instantly.

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Understanding mental health

Mental health involves a person’s social, psychological, and emotional well-being.It affects how an individual acts, feels or thinks.Mental health means how a person handles stress, makes choices, and relates to others.The various types and causes of it are

Types of mental illness

  •  Anxiety disorders- phobias, panic disorder
  •  Eating disorders
  •  Depression and mood disorders
  •  Psychotic disorders such as Schizophrenia 
  • Personality disorders

Causes of mental illness

  •  Family history and genes
  •  Biological factors 
  •  Life experiences such as the history of abuse and stress
  •  Use of drugs or alcohol  
  •  Feeling isolated or lonely and having few friends
  • Some medical condition
  • Traumatic brain injury

Youth and mental health

Many youths around the world are suffering from untreated depression. Suffering from mental health at such a younger age stops the growth of necessary habits and skills in them. For example, behavioral skills such as sensory and motor skills are not developed.

Stigmas, anxiety disorder, and depression are some of the most common mental illnesses in youth. Family and friends can play a significant role in youth mental health treatment and stability.

Youth suffer from mental illness when they are unhappy at colleges or organizations, may be suspended, aggressive behavior, poor concentration, poor peer relationships, career-related problems, issues with their classmates and others. Youth must value themselves, avoid self-criticism, and take care of their body and diet.

Work and mental health

A situation in a work environment where an individual looks to attain freedom from external and internal problems such as organizational environment or economic situations.

To avoid mental health at work you must take frequent breaks, avoid workplace gossip, set reachable goals, and avoid taking too much pressure on yourself.

Improper work area, stressful job, target based job, unresponsive employer, lack of coordination, and communication can affect mental health.

Due to consequences an employee can consider quitting his job, ask for fewer responsibilities, or may take an illness break.

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Mental health and wellness 

Mental illness does not affect an individual just in a day it is followed by many early warning signs. It includes 

  • fighting or yelling at friends/ family
  •  Having low energy
  •  Believing things or hearing voices that do not exist
  •   Thinking of harming oneself
  • Inability to perform the daily task 
  •  More consumption of drugs, drinking, and smoking
  • Feeling helpless and pulling away from other people

Here we will discuss the Importance of good mental health.

Positive mental health helps an individual to

  •  Making meaningful contributions to the communities
  •  Productive work
  • To realize their full working potential
  • To cope up with life stress 
  • Staying positive and connecting with others
  • Developing coping skills and maintaining healthy relationships with others

Ways to improve mental health

  • Physical activity– it includes a physical exercise such as cycling, walking, or playing Sports
  • Pharmacotherapy– medical therapy using Pharmaceutical drugs and antidepressants
  • Meditation– heartfulness and mindfulness meditation can benefit from the reduction of stress anxiety and depression
  •  Spiritual counseling
  • Mental fitness – it includes having adequate sleep, aerobic exercises, and staying positive.

Mental health policies

Every year October 10 is observed as World Mental Health Day.It was started by the United Nations of organizations as an annual activity. The mental hygiene movement and public health policies adopted by many nations may improve negative consequences of Mental Health.

WHO has implemented a mental health gap action program (mhGAP) to strengthen the provision of services of Mental Health.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that mental illness has a devastating effect on the person, the community, his friends, and family in many ways.

It is a major responsibility of family, friends, and society to care for that person as the behavioral and emotional components of such illness can be very misleading.

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