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International Political Economy Assignment Sample

International Political Economy Assignment Sample

In this assignment sample, the module names international political economy that in itself is such a wide topic that incorporates major fields like economics, politics, and the international aspect of such branches. The module was designed with the objective spread awareness among students regarding international relations and approaches to the international political economy.

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There are certain establishments set up at the international level for supervising the international political economy aspect globally and this unit discusses all such topics with an extensive study.

The international political economy helps and enables the student in formulating the problem-solving approach for the international issues that threatened peace globally. It explains to the students how various approaches of international political economy help in resolving the conflicts.

The course plays a significant role in shaping skills in the students regarding the understanding of modern policies, approaches, and international political economy.

This course explains what does the international political economy concept is all about and whether it is termed as a universally accepted theory or not? The module incorporates the background of the world economy and how directly affected when anything occurred about any political event at the international level.

The instances of such effect can be seen in post world word situations and this module explains the advent of globalization and its impacts on the formulation of modern policy.

Globalization in itself a wide concept that incorporates not only the concept but organizations like WTO, IMF, finance, investment, WIPO, etc. It also discusses energy and environment as the major concern of international issues is about to prevent and preserve nature.

International Political Economy Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this courses the students able to comprehend the concept of international political economy with the help of the following learning outcomes:-

1.Explain the concept of international political economy and three main paradigms.

The roots of international political ebony can be traced to the early 1970s as a discipline of politics and economics from an international perspective. It discusses the increasing cross-border and inter-state interaction as well as communication in form of transaction which is now termed globalization.

The module draws special attention to the comparative study of politics, economics, and international relations along with the discussion of how IPE varies from political science, international relations ad economics. The reason as to why the concept of international political economy is not universally accepted theory and concepts in interest, institution, and ideas in political economy.

Some certain theories and economists strongly advocated for the bifurcation of politics from economics and one such landmark theory named laissez-faire is known as economic liberalism.

On the other hand, the paradigm, economic realism termed as mercantilism believes that politics stimulate economics and international politics play a major role in international economics meantime thereby, trading and investment while Marxist believe that economics stimulate politics.

The course explains the three paradigms and how these three view the interaction and communication between the state and the market.

2.Discuss the world economy in terms of pre and post 1945 world economy and how globalization comes into the picture in the international political economy.

The assignment sample explains the situation of the world economy before 1945 and later. It enables the students to check how and what are the reasons for overtaking Asia by the west.

The module thoroughly explains the liberal international economic order and its key elements that unable to preventing world war I. It is noteworthy that after the first world war, the great depression period occurred globally which affect the universe as a whole, and this mode discusses the causes of such great depression.

After the 1945 era, the world economy known as smith a broad and Keynes at home due to several reasons such as works bank, WTO, IMF, GATT, etc, and other policies that liberalism the trade and dealings. It explains the range of globalization and its impact thereof.

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3.Discuss the organization and institutions like IMF that play a major role in the international political economy and trade and foreign investment.

After the era of 1945, the capital has globalized at a greater pace, and to curb the fear of financial imbalances, crises, scarcity, and evolve the great depression period, institutions from GATT to WTO play an indispensable role.

The assignment sample explains the allocation and distribution of economic power in global finance and how it laid down effect in policymaking, in IMF, etc. The module enables the student to critically assess the international monetary system and compare of causes and outcomes of the global financial crisis. The journey from GATT to WTO is long in the Asian countries and visit form for trade and investment globally.

4.Critically evaluate the energy and environment concept in the international political economy.

At a certain point of time in the 1970s, the scarcity of resources was observed but after the US shale revolution, the abundance in energy resources get back on its pace.

But it is noteworthy that such abundance creates greater pressure in a global environment and problems like pollution, deforestation, water scarcity, etc get increased. It incorporates the energy and environment concept and how economics and politics play a major role in global climate change.

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