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Eco202 Economic Ideas and Models for Business Assignment Sample SUSS

Eco202 Economic Ideas and Models for Business Assignment Sample SUSS

In this assignment sample, the subject area of economics and its related concepts are discussed where students will get to learn about economic ideas that determine the condition of the economy of the country. The economic position of any country depends upon the economic ideas and business models adopted by the organization.

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The overall growth in the industrial sector is the direct proportion to the growth of the economy and there are several ideas, strategies, programs, theories, policies, regulations, etc introduced by the economists for the amicable decision. These theories help the industries to take the right decision-making power that stimulates the growth of the economy.

The assignment sample named ECO202 Economic ideas and models for business facilitates the fundamental knowledge of economic methods to the students, as the subject economic is known as the science of decision making power where it teaches the students to utilize the scarce resource in an optimum way.

The economic ideas and business models help the student to frame the strategies for the growth and development of the economy and allocate the scarce resources most appropriately.

The study of an extensive branch like economics help in managing the resource and understanding the growth level, price, demand and supply concept, equilibrium, cost and market concept, inflation, monopoly market, etc is necessary.

The assignment sample pertains to a detailed study of major branches of economics that as micro and macro along with knowledge of statistics.

Eco202 Economic Ideas and Models for Business Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this assignment expe, the students will learn economic ideas and business models with the help of the learning outcomes:-

1.Explain the fundamental framework of economic analysis and workings of market equilibrium.

The assignment sample furnishes the knowledge of fundamental principles of economic analysis and what is the factor that determines the market position. The market equilibrium can be understood by the study of economic fundamental principles and theories.

As the graph of the market shows that at what position the economy stands. The graph also explains the inflation, deflation, recession, or an equilibrium point. The graph develops with the help of data and information aggregated from the industrial sector that is influenced by various components.

2.Appraise market efficiencies and production decisions with cost constraints.

The market stability and growth can be assessed on a quarterly or half or annually basis. The key changes that affect the market stability are determined by product decisions taken by industries.

The organizational theories in such respect help the assessing the market efficiencies and this assignment sample explains the cost and production concept that ascertain the market efficiencies.

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3.Examine various market regimes and the behavior of market participants.

The economic ideas and business models involve the establishment of various regulations and agencies to execute the same. As stability of market depends upon the rules and regulation of any country and behavior of market variables ascertain the market condition.

The sample covers such market regimes and authorities that regulate the economy such as norms for determining the pricing of any product so to protect the interest of the public at large. The framework that decides the cost and production in the market is governed by such market regimes in which the behavior of variables plays a crucial role. The micro, as well as macroeconomics, explain such concepts that help in taking the right decision.

4.Apply game-theoretic considerations into developing business strategies

The market not only runs on-demand and supply conceit but inculcates the study and application of various business strategies that develop the organization. The business and management strategies help the business to resolve its interpersonal conflicts and raise its productivity level that ultimately helps towards the growing economy. The assignment sample discusses all such business and management strategies that maximize the profit margin and development of the company.

5.Measure a nation’s income and inflation and interpret economic growth.

The assignment example describes what are the various techniques and methods to evaluate the national income of the country. As the concept of national income in itself a broad subject area that not includes national income but also gross, net, and domestic income.

With the help of certain mathematical calculations and understanding of macroeconomics, the student enables to calculate the income adequately and construed the results of such calculation appropriately.

The national income suggests the economic condition of the country, the average income of citizens, stability of the economy, equilibrium, inflation level, etc.

There are certain methods that this assignment sample explains to the students to calculate national income and assess the economic growth of the country. The national income is the aggregate of all the sectors working in the country such as skilled, unskilled, semi-skilled, industrial, etc.

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