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HL8021 fictions of Love: Film and Literature NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) fictions of Love: film and literature module will focus on the study of fiction’s true literature and science. It will cover various art and media forms also.

The NTU HL8021 course will further examine them through the perspective of sociology.

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The HL8021 Fictions of Love: Film and Literature Educational module learning

The NTU fictions of Love: film and literature course is a General, prescribed elective (GERPE) of three academic units.

On the successful completion of the HL8021 module, candidates would be able to acquire knowledge pertaining:

1. To explore literature through the perspective of the sociological lens

In the NTU HL8021 notes students will study various sociological perspectives related to approaching the literature and films. How literature is affected by social factors will also be taught in this curriculum. In short, you will be able to know how literature and film are perceived by various social groups.

2. To make students learn about literature art and other related forms

Students will study various literary art forms like poetry and short stories in the NTU fictions of Love: film and literature course. They would know how to analyze and make their interpretations on them. Further, you will learn about different media and art styles such as stories, theatre work, series, and on-stage acts.

3. To consider and understand text related to various media forms

Students will get an opportunity to learn about various literary elements related to the film like the theme, screenplay, film techniques, structural composition, characterization, setting, and plotting in NTU HL8021 lectures. You will get an updated idea of editing, camera angles, writing music, and Sound by watching movies in the classroom.

4. To examine media and art forms alongside capitalism

Various questions would be asked related to literature reviews and movies viewed while pursuing the HL8021 fictions of Love: film and literature subject. They would be asked to write essays on a particular topic or media form that requires in-depth research.

5. To examine various media forms alongside the love sociology

The student learns to analyze various movie subjects and the meaning conveyed in the film through fictions of Love: film and literature syllabus. It involves in-depth analysis and research to find different perspectives of literature and films through case studies.

6. To make interpretations of various movies watched in the classroom

Students would be asked to submit literature reviews, assignments, and interpretations of the movies shown in the classroom. The movies such as Romeo and Juliet, Sherlock Holmes, The Great Gatsby, The Hunger Games series, and the brief encounter are a part of the HL8021 topics.

7. You will also learn about various media like television, Opera, film drama, short stories, and poetry

Through HL8021 fictions of Love: film and literature assignments students will get to learn many media forms. They will learn about the techniques related to television, short stories, Opera, and film drama. They will also acquire knowledge of literature styles such as poetry and structure style of short stories.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. 1 Is this HL8021 fiction of Love: film and literature module difficult to study and achieve good marks?

Ans: The NTU HL8021 modules is not at all difficult. Besides, it is very interesting as you would be required to watch movies and read books to answer your assessments, projects, quizzes, and assignments. You can even go through subject reviews provided on various NTU modules online.

 Q. 2 What sorts of movies are you made to watch in the NTU HL8021 course?

Ans: The movies related to love, action and suspense such as Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, The Hunger Games; the catching fire, the Mocking Jay, the Sherlock series, and others are included in the NTU fictions of Love: film and literature curriculum.

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