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High Sex-gender Ratio Cause and Effect Essay

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Cause and effect essay on high sex ratio.

There are many countries in the world in which the girl child sex ratio is very high to that of men. There are different causes behind this result that cannot be ignored to abolish the gender disparity in the girls on the basis of their sex. The biggest cause of this high sex ration can be devoted to the increasing level of immorality and patriarchal thinking. People still living in those mental cases where they think that girls cannot contribute well in a society like that of men and it is very hard to keep them safe from the sexual assaults. Such ridiculous reasons are given by the many societies of the world in order to finish the girl fetus in the mother’s uterus only.

If the problem is seen with deep concise we can make out the statements that in some countries even girls are devoided from the rights of education and vote. Some of them consider female sex as someone obliged to men always and cannot have own liberty in life. Such trivial thinking costs a lot to the economy of a nation as women, which form almost half of the population of a country are not playing their part for the upliftment of their own nation owing to the lack of education and opportunities. Those who believe in revolting against the system and roots of this injustice are suppressed through power and others are given with a fear of punishment by setting them off from the family.

That is the main cause behind people who do not want to have any girl child and get involved in the pursuit of killing them by knowing their sex in the womb only. Very few people of good heart think without any biases and partiality on the grounds of gender and sex and those are not accepted by the society at any cost. The entire vicious cycle move like this only which results in the upheavals seen in many nations where women show their power and revolt against the roots of government.

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Well said by a philosopher that doing something in excess is very bad and those who are responsible for the ill thinking which causes the high sex ratio have to go through the consequences for this mentality. The growing age of media and technology is very much advanced and will take only a few years to spread the words of revolt throughout the world by using the medium of social media websites and many other such things. Those trying to clear the girl child from the country have to suffer for the growth of their population as there are many movies that show the world without women and difficulty in such scenarios.

That is how the scenario is going to be. So we should take an oath and aware of the people across the world so that girl child cannot be foeticide in the womb of a mother who wants to deliver her baby with the same passion as in the case of the boy. Nobody can take over to the right of living from a child or human whether it’s female or male. That is how equality can be established in society.

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