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HE9091 Principles of Economics NTU Assessment Answer

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) HE9091 NTU module covers fundamental applications and tools of concepts in macroeconomics and microeconomics.

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Students need to write Economics assignments on one of the topics covered in the principles of Economics course.

The HE9091 principles of Economics Intended learning attainments

By the end of the principles of Economics module as a student, you would be able to attain the following learning’s

1. Explain market equilibrium, predict changes in equilibrium, and examine factors that affect market equilibrium

The NTU HE9091 syllabus will teach about the market equilibrium. It is the part of the microeconomics section focused on market mechanisms for the allocation of scarce resources.

2. To apply the role of rational spending and explaining the usefulness of Elasticity

Using simple mathematics and diagrams in principles of Economics assignments scholars would be able to analyze concepts of elasticity, market system, supply, and demand.

3. Compare and contrast between monopoly and perfect competition

In this module, the NBS students will learn about the Monopoly market and the perfect competition market, and the differences between both. They will also learn about how demand and supply influence market prices through HE9091 assessment answers.

4. Solve Game Theory and construct payoff matrix

The Game Theory and payoff matrix will equip candidates with problem-solving skills as these are the tools used in the analysis of the economy. It will help candidates to think rigorously, rationally, and logically when taking principles of Economics course exams.

5. Differentiate negative and positive externalities and examining their efficiencies

The study of Economics will further examine the positive externalities and negative externalities. Candidates will have the understanding and will learn more about economic growth, employment, globalization, Finance and banking, and also about broader issues like poverty, the environment, and, the third world war.

6. Explain and analyze the public policies effects

Participants would be educated on the fundamental concepts of macroeconomics and microeconomics involving government forms, individuals, and economics. Further, we will discuss various public policies’ effects on the economy and market.

7. Explain the concept of unemployment, inflation, and GDP

These HE9091 principles of Economics concepts come under the macroeconomic section. It addresses the GDP determinants and the forces in both the long run and the short run that will shape the economy.

8. Analyse the factors that affect unemployment inflation and growth in the economy

The principles of Economics module will cover various factors like the international economy, monetary and fiscal policies, the financial market role, theory of economic growth, analysis of employment, inflation, and the calculation of GDP.

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9. Examine capital market functions in an economy and differentiate the capital markets

Here you will learn about the capital market and its functions. The ntu HE9091 discipline also addresses outcomes from market failures, market efficiency, firms, and production with market influence. You will also learn about various capital markets operating in the economy.

10. Examine the linkage between equilibrium output and aggregate expenditure

Scholars will learn about aggregate expenditure and equilibrium output. Aggregate expenditure is defined as the measure of national income whereas the equilibrium output balances the total of services and goods that businesses households and presidents want to buy.

11. Using multiplier to solve for equilibrium and explaining the multiplier effect

  • They will learn about the multiplier effect in the HE9091 content topics. It is a phenomenon that produces changes in input causing the largest change in the output. Such as changes in government spending will affect GDP.
  • You will study the use of the multiplier required in solving equilibrium.

12. Apply the AD-AS model to predict and analyze the equilibrium in the economy

Teach participants how to analyze the basic economic theories included in HE9091 notes. The Macro-Economic model known as aggregate demand and aggregate supply will explain the relationship between aggregate supply and demand and its impact on output and price level.

13. To differentiate between flexible and fixed exchange rate systems and summarize the key points that affect the exchange rate

To guide participants of HE9091 NTU subject regarding the exchange rate. It’s influence on the market system. To teach the learner’s about the application of the economic tool. Also to teach them economic issues analysis.

14. Explain the linkage between capital flows and trade balance

Candidates would have an opportunity to know the linkage between exchange rate, capital flow, and international trade. They would learn about economic terminologies in the NTU principles of Economics course.

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