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HBC209 Media Literacy In The Age Of Fake News Assignment Sample SUSS Singapore

With the rise in fake news, it is more important than ever to be aware of how media literacy can help protect ourselves from misinformation. HBC209 Media Literacy In The Age Of Fake News discusses different types and sources for trustworthy information as well as strategies people should use when they hear or read something that isn’t true online today.

When it comes to media literacy, there are a few things that everyone should keep in mind to avoid being misinformed. The first is to be aware of the different types of sources that exist. Not all sources are created equal, and some are more trustworthy than others. It’s important to know the difference between a reliable source and an unreliable one.

A reliable source is accurate and objective. It cites its sources, and it checks its facts before publishing. An unreliable source, on the other hand, is often inaccurate or biased. These sources might not cite their sources, or they might cherry-pick the information they present to fit their agenda.

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We offer a free assessment for HBC209 Media Literacy In The Age Of Fake News to help you determine if this course is right for your needs. This free assessment will help you understand the basic concepts of media literacy and how to apply them in your everyday life. You’ll also learn about the different types of fake news and how to spot them. After completing this assessment, you’ll have a better idea of whether this course is right for you. If you’re interested in learning more about media literacy and how to apply it in your life, then this course is right for you.

Assignment Task 1: Explain media literacy and cyber wellness.

Media literacy is the ability to access, understand, and create media. It covers a wide range of skills and dispositions, including the ability to think critically about the messages we receive from all forms of media; evaluate sources of information; be aware of our own biases and those of the creators of media content, and make informed decisions about what we areare consumingyber wellness, on the other hand, is about staying safe and responsible online. It encompasses a range of skills and knowledge, including understanding how to manage our online identities; being aware of the potential risks of sharing personal information online; and knowing how to respond if we or someone we know is being cyberbullied. Cyber wellness also involves using technology in a responsible way, such as not plagiarising others’ work or infringing on their copyright.

Assignment Task 2: Review the differences between trustworthy news and fake news.

The key difference between trustworthy news and fake news is that trustworthy news sources fact-check their stories before publication, while fake news sources often do not.

Trustworthy news organizations also have a system in place for correcting errors, while fake news sources typically do not. Furthermore, trustworthy news organizations have strict editorial standards that their reporters must adhere to, while fake news sources often do not have any such standards.

In addition, trustworthy news sources typically have a team of journalists who are experts in various fields, so they can verify the accuracy of a story before publishing it. By contrast, fake news sources often rely on unqualified people to write their stories, which can lead to errors and inaccuracies.

Finally, trustworthy news sources typically have a strict editorial process that involves multiple rounds of editing and verification. Fake news sources often publish stories without verifying their accuracy first. As a result, fake news stories are more likely to contain factual errors than trustworthy news stories.

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Assignment Task 3: Identify online falsehood and misinformation on various media.

Falsehood and misinformation can come in many forms on various media. Before the internet, false rumours could only spread as fast as people could physically carry them. Today, a false story can go viral in seconds. As such, it’s important to be able to Spot online falsehood and misinformation. 

There are a few key ways to do this: 

1) Check the source: Is the source of the article or claim reputable? If not, take what you see with a grain of salt. 

2) Look for evidence: Does the article or claim back up its claims with evidence? Be sceptical of stories that make grandiose claims without any sort of supporting documentation. 

3)Consider the motive: Why is this story being shared? Oftentimes, people share false or misleading information because it suits their agenda. Be wary of stories that seem to be pushing a certain point of view. 

Of course, not all misinformation is created equal. Some falsehoods are harmless and simply circulate for fun (such as an urban legend). However, other times misinformation can be used to spread propaganda or hate. It’s important to be able to Spot online falsehood and misinformation to avoid being duped – or worse.

Assignment Task 4: Analyse issues about misinformation.

There are a few key issues to consider when it comes to misinformation.

First, there’s the question of why people believe in false information. Often, it’s because it confirms their existing beliefs or worldview. Additionally, many people simply don’t have the time or resources to verify the information before spreading it further.

Another issue is the way social media can help spread misinformation faster than ever before. Fake news stories can go viral in a matter of hours, and it’s often difficult to tell them apart from legitimate news stories. This can make it difficult for people to know what to believe and can lead to confusion and distrust of the media.

Finally, there’s the problem of so-called “information overload”. With so much information available online, it can be hard to know what’s true and what’s not. This can lead people to believe false information simply because it’s easier than trying to sort through everything themselves.

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Assignment Task 5: Discuss the impact of fake news on our society.

The impact of fake news on our society is a serious issue. It can have significant consequences, such as undermining democracy, spreading hatred and division, and causing financial losses.

The problem with fake news is that it is often difficult to tell them apart from genuine news stories. This is because they are often created to look like real news stories. They may use the same fonts, layout, and design as genuine news sources, or they may use social media platforms to spread their messages.

This makes it difficult for people to distinguish between real and fake news stories. As a result, many people end up believing false stories instead of true ones. This can lead to all sorts of problems, such as people making bad decisions based on false information.

One of the most significant problems that fake news can cause is division and hatred. When people believe false stories, they can develop negative feelings towards others. For example, if someone believes that all Muslims are terrorists, they may start to hate all Muslims. This can lead to violence and discrimination against Muslims.

Assignment Task 6: Present action plans to proactively spot and address problems about online falsehoods.

There are many different ways to proactively address problems about online falsehoods, and the approach that is best for your organization will depend on its specific needs and capabilities. However, some common steps include:

  1. Create a team of people who are responsible for identifying and addressing online falsehoods. This team should include representatives from different parts of the organization (e.g., legal, communications, product, engineering) as well as experts in technology, data analytics, and journalism.
  2. Develop a process for identifying potential falsehoods. This process can be based on a variety of factors such as keywords or phrases that are commonly used by hoaxers, suspicious URLs, or patterns in user behaviour.
  3. Create a system for flagging and reporting potential falsehoods. This system should be designed to allow users to easily report potential hoaxes, and it should also allow for automated monitoring by the team responsible for addressing online falsehoods.
  4. Respond quickly and effectively to any online falsehoods that are identified. This response should be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case, but it should always aim to correct the record and prevent the further spread of the hoax.

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