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A reflective essay is a type of educational work in which students need to undergo specific familiarity. They are required to read certain books and then they need to explain the same in written form.

Many students face issues in writing good research and high-quality teamwork reflection essay. Our professional team of Singapore assignment help is helping students in writing a Gibbs Reflective Model Essay. Take a look at Gibbs reflective cycle example essay group work assignment done by our experienced assignment writers.

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What is Gibbs’s reflective model?

Gibbs’s reflective cycle is a theoretical framework that inspires people about the experience they have at the time of working in a team. It is the Gibbs model of reflection which helps people in analyzing experiences and assists them in realizing the things they are required to improve. Gibbs’s models help people in analyzing both positive and adverse influences of an event by making people aware of their actions.

Gibbs’s reflective cycle is a popular model of reflection which leads you to undergo different stages for making sense of an experience. It is a reflective cycle that is created by Graham Gibbs in the year 1988. Gibbs’s reflective cycle provides structure to learning from experiences. It also provides a framework that you can utilize for examining experiences. Gibbs’s reflective cycle enables you to learn and plan things.

How to write a reflective essay on teamwork using Gibbs Cycle?

Below is a technique to write a Teamwork essay using the Gibbs model is provided by our professionals who are experts in writing reflective essays. Reflective essay using Gibbs model – steps we follow to write an essay about teamwork using gibbs cycle.

Outline of Gibbs reflective model

There are six stages in the Gibbs model of reflection these are:

  1. Description: Here, you need to provide detailed information about the incidence which has a great influence on your life. It is a step, where you need to emphasize on providing information. At this step, you should provide only highly relevant information. In simple words, you require to provide the background information of incidence.
  2. Feelings: It is a step in the Gibbs model when you need to analyze and think about the feeling which you have during a specific event.
  3. Evaluation: Here, you can add a few more elements to theories. It is a step where you require checking the references.
  4. Analysis: At this step, you need to analyze a particular situation from different aspects. You can think about the other things which you could have done in particular circumstances.
  5. Conclusion: In the conclusion section of Gibbs’s reflective model you need to talk about the incidence and the way it will influence their future.
  6. Action Plan: At this point, you need to think about how a specific situation can be controlled to bring improvement.


  • Brainstorming is the best technique that you should implement for writing an excellent reflective essay.

Things to consider when writing a reflective essay using Gibbs cycle

At the time of writing a reflective essay using the Gibbs model, it is very much essential for students to recall each incident in a flow. You need to consider several things when writing Gibbs’s reflective essay on teamwork.  The different things which you need to consider are:

  • Before starting to write a reflective essay on teamwork or any other topic you just need to recall all moments which have great importance in your life.
  • It is very much essential for students to note complete incidence in a sequence and to narrate the importance of the thing which has influenced your life. You can narrate the incidence in the introduction part of Gibbs’s reflective essay.
  • You should not create a mess in your Gibbs reflective essay on teamwork by citing it haphazardly.
  • The writer must write Gibbs’s reflective essay considering the target audience in mind. You need to think about the way the target audience will get benefit by reading you’re easy.
  • It is very much important for you to use simple language. In simple words, you should avoid using hard vocabulary. You should write a reflection on teamwork in such a way that all people can read it easily.

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Example of Gibbs reflective writing on Teamwork

Purpose of the essay

The main purpose of writing a reflective essay is to identify the problems which are faced by members of the team in the successful completion of the presentation.


In the present world, teamwork is considered to be the as best approach that people can utilize for achieving objectives. Teamwork is an effective strategy for improving performance. Unity among team members is very much important to maintain a good culture. Formulation of an effective plan and proper delegation of roles or responsibilities is very much crucial for accomplishing the predetermined objectives of the team.

The main purpose of writing the reflection on teamwork is to describe my own experience working in a team of 6 members for preparing presentations. Another purpose of a reflective essay is to address an issue that was faced by me and my team members at the time of working in a group. In a reflective essay, I have also concentrated on relating my experience with existing literature. At the time of writing the reflective essay, I have also analyzed each member’s performance. I have also analyzed to judge whether our team has been successful in preparing a good presentation or not. In the end, I have written a conclusion of a teamwork reflective essay. 

Analysis of personal dynamics in the Group

During our MBA courses, we have been asked to prepare group presentations. The group was formed randomly. Diversity was the major issue which has result in differences in ethical values about work.  As we were working in a team, our group has also faced all these challenges. At the time of the first meeting only, there were disputes between two members of our time. The main reason for the dispute was differences in opinion, as a result of which two members of the group denied taking responsibility. Our team members were provided with a broad topic for presentation. During next week, two members those two members who disputed earlier came to us and we have shared with them all information related to the discussion which we had with our tutor. After those four members of our team have started to prepare presentations without discussing with the other two members of the team.

In the first step of preparing the presentation there were clashes between team members. There was a high level of ineffective communication among group members.  According to existing literature also diversity is team create issues that need to be resolved soon as it could have an adverse influence on group performance.

Evaluation of performance in a team

By analyzing the incidence, I have found that at the time of beginning the preparation for the presentation, my team member has faced several challenges. One of the biggest challenges which I realized was ineffective communication between team members. The main reason for ineffective communication was a difference in opinion and culture. I have also found that it was my team who has been successful in submitting the presentation first.  After analysis I have also found that it was proper time management strategy which has helped us in submitting the presentation and helped in accomplishing desired objectives.

Examination of Success or failure of the group process

I and my team members have faced several issues at the beginning only, still, we have been successful in submitting a good presentation.  According to my, our team has been successful in giving the best performance. I also believe that our team has faced several problems as we lack some of the skills such as management skills. I think that our team members would have worked more effectively if support from the other two members has been there. Proper management of disputes is also very much essential for accomplishing desired objectives.


From the above essay it has been concluded that teamwork is the best to approach attaining objectives. Proper communication between team members is also very crucial to maintain good performance.

Pros and Cons of Gibbs Reflective Cycle

Gibbs’s model is a transparent and precise model that enables people to develop an understanding of the description, analysis of the situation and helps them in evaluating the experience during a specific event.  It is a Gibbs model of reflection which offers more comprehensive techniques as compared to another model of reflection such as Kolb.

Using Gibbs reflective model requires professional guidance which you can avail by accessing our website Singapore assignment help.

Pros Cons
The biggest advantage of Gibbs’s reflective cycle is that it emphasized systematic consideration of different phases of the learning experience. The major drawback of Gibbs’s reflective cycle is that it is a description and does not provide the analytical facts which need to completely appreciate the importance of a specific course of action.
One of the advantages is that Gibbs reflective model is easy to understand Another con is that Gibbs’s reflective model is one-sided, the perception of practitioners is only included in it.
It is a Gibbs reflective model that enables you to learn over time based on experiences. Gibbs’s model utilizes a reactive approach that practitioners utilize for improving their skill set. It is a superficial reflective model as it does not include a reference to critical thinking, assumptions.
Gibbs’s reflective model provides balanced and accurate judgments. Another biggest drawback of Gibbs’s reflective cycle is that the reflective model does not contain detailed questions.
The important pros of the Gibbs model are that it enables people to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. It also assists them in identifying a need for improvement. It can be quite difficult for people using the Gibbs model to open up and share their feelings.


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