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GER302 Advance Care Planning and End-of-Life Issues Assignment Sample SUSS

GER302 Advance Care Planning and End-of-Life Issues is an important course that challenges students to explore end-of-life topics, confront values and beliefs, and shape a holistic understanding of aging, death and dying. This interactive class creates engaging learning opportunities beyond simply understanding the concept of death.

The course material mainly focuses on the introduction of healthcare directives, meeting legal requirements for healthcare in advanced situations, strategies to support clients and families through the process, societal values regarding death and dying across world cultures, public policy processes around end-of-life issues and decision-making models used by healthcare providers. This stimulating course provides thought-provoking discussions as well as numerous valuable outcomes for nursing students that are essential for their clinical practice.

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Here, we are providing a brief overview of assignment briefs. This includes:

Assignment Brief 1: Illustrate the social, cultural, psychological, legal, ethical and spiritual issues that may arise from illness, dying, death and bereavement.

Illness, dying, death and bereavement can have an impact on individuals at many levels. On a social level, these phenomena may cause hardships for the affected individuals and their families as they cope with the effects of this difficult experience. Culturally, there can be a variety of ways that people grieve or handle the strain of illness, loss, or death in different settings. There are psychological impacts too, such as depression or anxiety which can be associated with issues around illness and mortality.

In addition to physical health concerns and social difficulty, those involved may also face legal issues with regard to estate planning or other responsibilities that arise from the situation. Ethical dilemmas might present themselves when one considers how best to care for someone who is terminally ill or developing decisions in end-of-life scenarios. Last but not least is the spiritual element connected to these situations where it is inevitable that individuals will confront themes of mortality and consideration of one’s own beliefs alongside those of loved ones.

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Assignment Brief 2: Show the impact of the dying process, death and bereavement on individuals and their families/significant others.

The dying process, death and the impact of loss can cause immense distress in the lives of individuals and their families. They often experience a range of emotions from fear and grief to anger or confusion. Research has also found that death and bereavement can lead to an individual facing both short-term and long-term physical and mental health challenges, such as increased anxiety or depression.

Moreover, changes in behavior have been observed such as withdrawal from social activities, intensified substance abuse or erratic conduct which might be caused by the difficulty in accepting death or living with bereavement. It is therefore important to recognize the consequences of death on individuals and their family/significant others so that suitable support are provided for them during this difficult time.

Assignment Brief 3: Discuss the different models of end-of-life care and their relevance in the Singapore context.

End-of-life care is an important aspect of caring for the elderly and chronically ill patients, yet it is a complex issue that must be thoughtfully considered. In Singapore, there are four main models of care available: palliative, hospice, advance care planning, and sobering center. Palliative care focuses on providing comfort in the final stages of life. Hospice services provide around-the-clock nursing and emotional support for those nearing death. Advance care planning allows you to make choices about the care you may need at end-of-life and identifies people who can be supported during this time.

Lastly, sobering centers assist families in focusing on post-death rituals such as organizing a funeral. Each model has unique relevance in the Singapore context to provide bereaved family members with emotional and practical support as well as helping to make sure that their wishes are respected when faced with difficult decisions related to end-of-life care.

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Assignment Brief 4: Apply basic grief and bereavement theories and concepts to support grieving individuals and their families/significant others.

Grief and bereavement are often difficult experiences for individuals and their families to go through. Effective support for those who are facing such a loss can be informed by theories and concepts of grief and bereavement. Different approaches may be taken once an individual or their family members are in need of support, including offering compassionate listening, providing adequate resources, and allowing them to express freely the range of emotions they may be feeling. Creating safe spaces for those grieving enables them to receive the support they need throughout this process. It is important to remember that everyone grieves differently, thus respects should always be paid to these differences when providing advice or guidance.

Assignment Brief 5: Interpret the various models of end-of-life care.

Modeling end-of-life care is essential for healthcare providers in order to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction. It is important to recognize that there are various models of end-of-life care, with individualized approaches depending on the condition of the patient and their preferences. The main models include hospice, palliative care and intensive care. Hospice focuses on symptom management and attention for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient; palliative care addresses the same type of issues but places a greater emphasis on eliminating pain; finally, intensive care focuses on extending life through aggressive treatments such as ventilation or resuscitation. Ultimately, each model must be carefully considered in order to create a plan for end-of-life care that best suits the particular patient’s needs.

Assignment Brief 6: Employ end-of-life care coordination skills to facilitate a good death.

End-of-life care coordination skills can be an invaluable asset in helping individuals have a good death. For example, skillful care coordinators can help families make necessary decisions regarding their loved one’s end of life wishes while also addressing the practical and financial issues that naturally arise. In addition, they are able to provide support during the grieving process by offering compassionate listening, validated resources, and timely referrals when needed. Ultimately, end-of-life care coordination skills provide a valuable service to those facing the ending of their life journey, helping them find peace and acceptance with the transition and allowing them to depart with love and dignity.

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