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GC0001 Sustainability: Seeing Through the Haze Answer- NTU Singapore

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) which is situated in Singapore and it is from one of the famous universities which provide this GC0001 NTU Sustainability: Seeing Through the Haze course.

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Here providing the list of the topics that students may be asked to write their NTU FYP about and to make students comfortable about this course.

If in doubt you can take the help of the NTU course planner to plan your course.

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The content of GC0001 sustainability course is

  • The planetary and regional perspective of the ecological basis belonging to the natural environment
  • Constraints and key requirements used for survival and social development includes water energy and environment
  • The intersection of the financial system and economic market from the view of consumption and driving growth. This also plays an important role in positive change related to incentives.
  • The economic and political framework of regional and global sustainability challenges
  • The connectedness and interaction of different themes and single disciplines.

The content of the GC0001 NTU Sustainability: Seeing Through the Haze course requires a deep study and understanding of every topic.

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Objectives of the GC0001 sustainability course

After successfully completing all the assignments and this GC0001 NTU Sustainability: Seeing Through the Haze course students may learn the following

  • this GC0001 sustainability course focuses On conveying the significance of sustainability by the provision of Foundation and common understanding through different centres and schools in NTU.
  • Students would go to learn about six different disciplines that are presented in 6 modules of introduction to sustainability upon completion of this course.
  • To analyse issues related to a subset of sustainability through various disciplines and multiple perspectives.
  • Evaluating the impact of individual and collection of people’s actions on sustainability.

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