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Friendship is a greatest and pure relationship between two or more people they can ever wish for. Those are lucky enough who have friends whom they can trust and rely upon. Friendship is a loyal and dedicated relationship between two individuals. Both of them feel enormous concern and love for each other. Generally, friendship is shared between the individuals having alike interests and sentiments.

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Who is a friend and what is friendship?

A friend is a person whom one wishes to maintain a strong bond with. When two persons are having a decent bond of friendship between them, they both become friends. A friend is the one with whom you are related with neither blood nor any similarity but just a divine relationship called friendship.

Friends are those, you like to spend time, share your joys as well as sorrows. Above all, you need not be fake in front of them but can just be what you really are.

Friendship is one of the most beautiful, divine and loyal relationships exist between two or more people on the foundation of trust and understanding. It is considered as one of the precious treasures that anyone can have but the most important thing is to maintain that with loyalty.

There is a liberty given to all to choose the friends of their choice as they are for the whole lifetime. It is normal that our parents or siblings love us as we are connected by blood but the friend will love and take care of us irrespective of any blood relation between you two. Friendship is nothing but just a sacred relationship of love without expectations.

Importance of Friendship

Friendship is vital in life since it shows us a lot about life. Friendship teaches us those kinds of lessons which no one or no educational program could ever do. You figure out how to cherish somebody other than your family. You realize that how can you act so naturally and so real before your friends.

Friendship never leaves us in awful occasions. You discover how to understand individuals and trust others. Your genuine partners will forever encourage you and cheer for you. They will take you on the right path and save you from any disaster.

Furthermore, friendship likewise shows you a great deal about reliability. It encourages us to get faithful and receive loyalty consequently. There is no more wonderful feeling on the planet than having a friend who is faithful to you.

In addition, friendship makes us more grounded. It tests us and encourages us to improve. For example, we see how we argue with our partners yet return together in the wake of making peace. This is the thing that makes us strong and trains us to be patient.

In this manner, there is no uncertainty that the closest friends help us in our troubles and terrible moments of life. They generally attempt to save us in our perils along with offering opportune counsel. Real friends resemble the best wealth of our life since they comfort us with our grief, soothe our suffering and cause us to feel cheerful.

Types of friendships

There are no specific types of friendship as friendship is the kind of affair that cannot be categorised into subparts. But that can be seen in different forms though.

If we come up to the categorization of friendship, it can be divided on the basis of three factors-

  • Utility
  • Pleasure
  • Goodness

No. 1 – The first kind of friendship is based upon the utility and can be considered as where both of the individuals are getting some gain from each other. This type of friendship relies on the benefits and stay long until the benefits exist. Thus, these do not last for a longer time period. Such friendships come to the end when the benefits get over or get other different sources outside the friendship. This type of friendships is basically are made up for the trade purposes i.e. trade is maximized when two people with opposite things put up together.

No. 2 – The next type of friendship is based on pleasure. This is depicted as friendship in which two people have attracted to one another dependent on wants of delight and is represented by energetic sentiments and feelings of possession. This sort of friendship would either be able to keep going long or is temporarily relying upon the nearness of the fascination between the two parties.

No. 3 – The third sort of friendship depends on goodness. In this fellowship, the integrity of individuals attracts them to one another and they ordinarily have similar ethics. The friendship includes cherishing one another and anticipating goodness. It takes longer to build up this sort of friendship however it, for the most part, keeps going longest and is really the best sort of friendship to be in. The significance of such a companionship is social help and love.

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Who is your real friend?

As you now know the kinds of friends you can meet in your life. All you need to do is to become the third one for others and look for the same for yourself.

Actually, true friendship is something that can’t be described with words. Friendship is having the option to cry together. Friendship is being stupid together. It is being frantic at one another. Genuine companions are consistently prepared to shield each other from being harmed emotionally and physically. It requires some time and endurance to produce a solid friendship and accomplish trust between two perfect partners. It is imperative to have someone with whom you can share your contemplations freely without any hesitation or shy.

A real friend is the one who never leaves you and is your permanent friend in the hour of bliss and agony. However, it is important to pass judgment on individuals accurately so as to settle on the correct decision of a genuine companion. We ought to be cautious as many individuals can without much of a time delude others so as to delight their self – intrigue and accomplish their points. But this individual will assist you with proceeding onward the correct way. You ought to be persistent and have a feeling of resilience to keep up a pure friendship. There should be no doubt and no mistrust in such sort of relationship.

Ideal qualities of a good friendship

A good friend always gives immense love and care to each other. Friendship is set up over the devotion, love, trust, and care of mutual gain. Genuine Friendship is a relief and a boon for everyone. Anyone who has his real friends and enjoying with them can easily write the importance of friendship essay without any difficulty. Every one of those guys and females who have true and sincere friends is indeed fortunate.

Here are some ideal qualities of a good friendship: –

  • A great friendship is consistently unwavering, fair, and honest.
  • Individuals focus and observe other considerations in good friendship.
  • People rapidly overlook and let off the errors of the other friend. Truth be told, they acknowledge their partner in the manner in which they truly are.
  • You are not evaluated on your prosperity, wealth or power in it.
  • Friends don’t feel timid to give us significant opinions for our benefit.
  • Individuals consistently share their cheerful occasions with their good buddies and furthermore remain prepared to help their partners in the period of scarcity.
  • The good friends are those who do not talk behind your back and always contrast ones who do.
  • They will support you in public and correct you in private.
  • Genuine friends bolster others in their expert professional as well as personal life. They strengthen their friends in the zone of their interest.

Benefits of friendship

A real friend is actually hard to find. But when you get one, you can always count on him in your good or bad times. Friendship is a feeling of care, mutual trust, and affection among two people. A friend may be a co-worker, pal, fellow student or any person with whom we feel a connection.

In friendship, individuals have a shared trade of emotions and faith as well. Ordinarily, the fellowship sustains more among those individuals who are of comparable age as they have similar hobbies, interests, feelings, and ideas. During the school days, kids who have a place with a similar age group have a typical dream about their future and this makes them all draw closer in friendship.

These are some benefits pf having friends: –

  • It is hard to carry on with the life alone always but companionship is the filler which fills up that gap very fast with the friend’s support and love and makes it even brighter.
  • All the rigidities of life can smoothly be passed with the company of a friend as in your misery period your friends are consistently there to support you.
  • Friendship and friends teach you how to stay cheerful throughout everyday life.
  • In case of any difficulty, confusion or problem, your friends will always be there to help you with good opinions.
  • If in any case, your friends are also not able to find any solution, they will eventually make you forget the problem.

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The friendship essay conclusion can be stated as-

Regardless of whether you acknowledge or deny it, a friend plays a significant role in your life. Certainly, it is critical to have a friend. However, simultaneously, it is crucial to pick the friends shrewdly as they are the ones who can build you or annihilate you. Anyway, a friend’s support and companionship are something which one appreciates all through life and friends ought to be treated as the best fortune a man can have.

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