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Freedom Of Speech In Singapore Essay Sample

Freedom Of Speech In Singapore Essay

In the Freedom Of Speech In Singapore Essay sample, here we will discuss What does freedom of speech mean? Is freedom of speech allowed in Singapore?, What Constitution is freedom of speech in Singapore? Should there be restrictions on freedom of speech for Singaporeans?, Singapore Freedom of speech issues, Freedom of speech ranking of Singapore, Some examples of freedom of speech, etc.

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In view of the importance and relevance that Freedom Of Speech holds in Singapore, this essay example could be very helpful to understand. If students want access to download this paper they should approach our experts who will provide them with custom-made essays according to their school or college needs.

Introduction- Freedom Of Speech In Singapore Essay 

This is one of the most important human rights that we have. It allows us to express our opinion and communicate freely without fear of persecution. In Singapore, freedom of speech is limited in a number of ways, including through censorship laws, libel laws, and racial/religious insult laws. This Essay example explores how these limitations affect the country’s citizens and address some possible alternatives for reform.

Main body- Freedom Of Speech In Singapore Essay 

What does freedom of speech mean?

Freedom of speech is the essential right to express one’s opinion, typically in public, without fear of retribution or censorship. In the United States, freedom of speech is described as “freedom from prior restraint”. This allows all people to say what they believe and prevents Singaporean government officials from telling them what they are allowed to say.

Is freedom of speech allowed in Singapore?

Yes. Article 14 provides that “the right to freedom of speech and expression includes the freedom to hold opinions without interference, the freedom to use words, ” Among other things this means Singapore citizens are able to express themselves orally or in writing in any manner they choose.

The exceptions would be when there is a justification for enforcing restrictions on an individual’s free-speech rights under one of the qualified privileges provided by paragraph (1). In cases where such restrictions have been imposed, they must not contravene international law protecting freedom of expression. Restrictions may only be imposed where it can be shown that public order needs preservation and overrides national security or public safety considerations, or that national security considerations outweigh public order considerations.

What Constitution is freedom of speech in Singapore?

Singapore is a democratic society that values free speech. Freedom of speech is enshrined in Article 14 of the Constitution and Article 19 of Singapore’s Parliamentary Elections Act, which states that “[e]very person shall have the freedom to speak what he thinks on any subject.” The same article also provides for “fair and accurate” reporting by public media without censorship.

This may be limited by laws such as the Sedition Act. Past offenses include remarks made about Christianity or Jews in 1983 and remarks on how Singaporeans were spending their national day celebrating instead of studying during the November 2000 school National Day hysteria). Sedition was enforced under Sir Stamford Raffles’ colonial government during the 1800s against press agencies demanding political representation.

Should there be restrictions on freedom of speech for Singaporeans?

It is clearly needs to be balanced against legal restrictions.

The right to free speech is always restricted, and this point has caused much contention in Singapore’s history from organizations such as Wikileaks that recently came under attack by some high-profile Singaporeans who contend this should not be the case. There are many implications for each interpretation, but I think it is safe to say that freedom of speech needs to be considered legally as different from other rights like physical or economic freedom.

Freedom of expression will often entail harsh criticism directed at both individuals and public institutions, which would necessarily lead them away from “excessively personal” sentiments – rather than just expressing their feelings without any relevance on the public sphere.

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Singapore Freedom of speech issues 

Singapore Freedom of speech is a contentious issue and broadly defined as the right to express one’s opinions free from government censorship or other forms of coercion or reprisal. The concept of freedom of expression had its origins in English common law and is protected by Article 10 (2) of the Constitution of Singapore. It  is not only restricted by external interferences but also self-censorship.

This is not a right enshrined in the Singapore constitution. Article 14 of Singapore’s Constitution provides that Parliament may “by law impose restrictions on the freedom of movement” only if this is necessary to maintain public order, while article 18 protects citizens from being deprived of certain rights such as property, life, and personal liberty except under due process of law.

Singaporean penalized for allegedly having committed any offense contrary to any written law can be denied bail at his or her first appearance before a magistrate if there is reason to believe that he will abscond; that he has been guilty of perjury or corruption and cannot show good cause why he should not be punished for such offenses; or he has refused reasonably to give his consent to be tried by a court of law having jurisdiction in the case.

Freedom of speech ranking of Singapore

Singapore has dropped on the rankings as far as freedom of speech. It was ranked number 78 out of 180 countries with a freedom index rating and now it’s at 91 out of 180.

Political freedoms have worsened in Singapore, especially since 2011 when they passed a law that restricts public assemblies and extends police powers to detain suspects without trial for up to two years. “They’ve been clamping down hard on free speech,” says Umbach, who currently lives in Singapore where he works as an international lawyer advising companies doing business overseas on anti-corruption compliance.

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Some examples of freedom of speech

One example of freedom of speech is when people use the Internet to spread their messages. In 2017, Facebook caved to popular pressure and finally allowed people living in Turkey access to their websites. This gives Turkish citizens a chance to freely speak on how they want their country to operate, without fear of government persecution.

Another example of freedom of speech that helps people’s voices be heard is protests in public spaces. Protests have been an American tradition since before the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. “Freedom” also implies protest as being morally upright and ethically sound – which speaks volumes about politicians who choose not to address or compromise with protestors’ demands – choosing instead only silence and avoidance, as if such protest were not a necessary part of democracy.


Freedom Of Speech In Singapore Essay is a right that each person deserves. It is not something to be taken for granted, but rather the opportunity to express oneself freely and openly without fear of retribution or harassment. This essay has given you some information about what freedom of speech means in Singapore, as well as how it applies to different people living there on either side of the issue. If this topic interests you, please take the time to read through our other essay sample- many more interesting topics await your exploration!

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