College students in Singapore and its cities get essay assignments on general topics from professors too often. For example topic like essay about life is very common which is assigned to the Singapore graduates. Free sample essay about life is given here for those pursuing courses in Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore etc. by the professionals of Singapore Assignment Help. This sample essay can be used by the graduates to understand the basic concept of the topic and then any sort of essay can be written on time on given topic. For example if you want to write cause and effect essay in Singapore for assignments then this example essay about life is going to help you easily. There are many people who take life in many forms some of them consider it on the spiritual line while others think life as a period of earning money and gain luxury items along with lot of fortune and prestige in the society. Every person has their own conception about the life and they live it in their own way. Some celebrate the absolute freedom in their life while others want to stay connected with the emotions. So we can put the life in different aspects according to the perception of people about life. If we have to come up with the meaning of life then we cannot become general in our statement because everyone is having a unique statement in this regard. Spiritual people do not have any connection with the money and this sort of materialistic world but there are many others who consider it as the primary motivation or driving force of their life. We cannot reach to the solid conclusions that chasing money or becoming spiritual is wrong in one or another way because everyone is having their own right to live their life with own perspective and desires. the most significant and crucial part of the life is that it do not remains same throughout the end as we keep on changing with the time except for few cases. As we move towards the other stage of our life the things which earlier were important for us earlier starts becoming less important and at vice- versa. That is why we cannot give rigid definitions of the life which change with the time every now and then. The only thing that could be done to explain life with high authenticity is that we can cite the major forms of the life and its meaning for the people in majority. It is very hard to fit every person in the single definition of life as it keep on changing as we move from person to person. There are significant examples where lot of clashes and controversies occurred in the way of living and meaning of life between people of different cultures, regions and geography. We can throw a conclusion of the essay about life that life cannot be rigid in its meaning and it keep of changing with high elasticity. Even after taking the perspective of many people about life we cannot jot down its real meaning. Very single individual have the different esteem to approach the things and we cannot idealise the things for people. The most that could be done to make the people understood about living a better life is to let them know that we can do anything that sooth our soul as far as it is not becoming a tragedy for someone else. When we will come to understand this depth of the life, many problems that exist on this earth can easily be solved on time without any worry. This is how we can explain the meaning of life in a vague and loose way without marking lines for good or bad.

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